Wednesday, April 16, 2014

H E L L O ?

It's been15 months since I've been here. No, less than that because I logged on, looked at it and realized there was to much to do and closed the page. I miss pouring my thoughts on white paper. I hope I'm ready. I've thought about returning to blogging every day. I assume I need to update or change my Affiliates. I don't know if I have the stamina. I feel like I have ADD!

I have had changes with my Fibro, increased pain, higher Anxiety. My Chronic Fatigue reared it's ugly head and is asserting it's authority. I sit down and my eyes close. My body fatigue is worse. I had a sinus infection so  I was not moving much. Walked to the Post Office yesterday and thought I would need to call Dwain to pick me up. I made it though. Are we getting desperate when we feel accomplished by walking a half mile? I stopped every so often then proceeded.

We had a good winter in Arizona. It was warmer than usual and uplifting to have sun most days. We renewed old friendships. Our high school friends, Tom and Marlys spent a month parked next to us. I enjoyed their company.

We are in Wallowa and able to see our grandsons often. Josh's high school baseball schedule is full through the end of May. Most are double headers. So much fun to watch his team improve and work together.

I will close tonight with gratitude for having support groups on Facebook. If you are unaware, please check on them. They provide wonderful support which we all need.

Yes I can...learn to take one day at a time.

Yes I can...enjoy being outside without exhausting myself.