Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anonymous Comment

I would like to share a comment I received on my last post. The first four comments were supportive. The last comment was the first negative reaction I have received. 
'us fibromites'.... there's such a self-pitying group-y tone to all this. Oh, it must be really difficult for you if a page changes shape or colour...

I can understand why moving house or changing jobs might be difficult for people who are ill, but seriously? You need an adjustment period because a webpage changed? I think thinking of yourself as a 'fibromite' who can't cope with anything can't help you to get on with life."

Ms or Mr Anonymous, I would like you to know that you have ruffled my feathers. If you had said these words face to face with me, we would have been in a heated discussion. I can only assume that you are on a Fibromyalgia site because you either have Fibro or someone close to you does. I suggest if you are friends or family of someone who has this chronic disease, that you begin at the beginning and read through my blog. In the beginning, I list my Fibromyalgia symptoms. If you have Fibro, you may recognize similar symptoms and realize that you have a friend who understands. If you know someone with the disease, maybe you will be more sympathetic. You may realize that others have the same symptoms and she is not crazy or that they have a disease with the right to be "self-pitying" periodically. In case you have not noticed, this blog is about MY journey with Fibromyalgia. If you do not have a positive comment, please do not leave one. If you do not understand Fibro, I am wide open to field questions.

YES you can ..... be patient and kind, eliminating negativity.
YES you can ..... be sensitive to others.