Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back in Wallowa

Our time in Arizona is over for another year. I sure miss the warm sunshine. Today I got cold to the bone. Getting this cold messes with my Fibro. So, I'm in my recliner with my heating blanket on my back.

Our winter went by fast. We parked in a different area this year . Our neighbors were hard to get to know. If we return to the Yuma area, we will stay near our friends of years past. The desert was cooler this winter. The wind blew almost every day.

My Fibromyalgia has been difficult. I've had increased movement courtesy of my Restless Leg Syndrome. The scary feeling of Anxiety has increased daily. I'm still trying to talk myself down, but it is getting more difficult. I had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) on our way home from Arizona. It's been almost a week since I've taken the last of my medication. I'm not having symptoms, so hope the infection is totally gone. In the beginning, I had the usual UTI symptoms. I also had increased Fibro pain through my hips and upper legs. I had a hard time dealing with the pain but after three days the increased pain was gone.

Dwain and I have taken a summer job. Wish me luck! I'm hoping once we have been here for a couple of weeks, we will be ready for the public. We are managing an RV Park. There are 31 sites, so not too big. We have stayed in the Wallowa River RV Park many a summer. The owners live in Seattle, WA. Care takers are needed for the time they are not in the park. Which will be most of the summer.

Enough babbling.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Position in Space

I had a few boxes stacked in the kitchen. I thought they were out of my way. I was clearing the dishes from the table, turned left and Crash! Boom! And I tripped over the boxes. Of course they all tumbled with me. I'm ok, but bruised my left leg and strained the muscles on my upper left arm. I have trouble with the position in the space that I occupy. Usually it is because I do not think, I just go. This "little" problem has caused me any falls. My brain forgets to worry about where I'm going. I see this as an aspect of Fibro Fog.

We have had a nice three months in southern Arizona and California. We had more wind in Yuma than usual. A couple we graduated high school with, Tom and Marlys, joined us for a week. The four of us then traveled to Anzo-Borrego State Park in southern California. There is so much to see. I encourage everyone to visit this park. They have campgrounds as well as boondocking areas.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Tom and Marlys. They are "good people." Marlys has a medical issue that requires her to take rests, so that helps me to rest myself. Tomorrow Dwain and Tom will be taking a hike in the park. They are hoping to see Big Horn Sheep. Marlys and I are going to the town of Julian. I understand there are unique shops with an apple theme. I hear their pies are to die for, so we will test that piece of information. :-D

Wednesday we will begin our trek north. We want to be in Wallowa by April 1st. We may take a day or two at Joshua Tree National Park before arriving in Apple Valley to visit friends. A nice amenity of receiving Social Security Disability is that campgrounds on government land are half price via my "Access Pass." We also enter the park for free. What a blessing. Living on a fixed income can be tough at times.

Yes you can ... renew old friendships

Yes you can ... enjoy camping with Fibromyalgia

Friday, March 2, 2012

Enjoying our visit with high school friends. Yesterday we drove the "loop" of Yuma and pointed out locations we thought they would be interested in. We had lunch at Lute's, always an interesting experience. My stomach hurt as we were driving home. Iwent to bed early. It's ok today. I'm sure it was because I was in the backseat and Dwain had to hit the brakes hard several times.

Today the wind has been blowing 40 mph so it is an inside day. Got a few things done. It has been a relaxing day. We will have desert with Tom and Marlys.

I have cornish game hens in the oven and they smell good. mmmmm

My eyes have been feeling out of sorts this afternoon. They feel warm and are fuzzy. Gotta blink a couple times to clear the fuzzies. :-) Yes, Fibromyalgia can touch every part of your body.

I will be making changes to my blog page. I will enter widgets that I lost with Blogger's deletions. Also, my photographer husband, no longer sells his photography on Imagekind. We've decided to leave the photos for purchase on my blog.