Monday, April 23, 2012

Update (brain will not help with a clever title)

So I sign into my blog and find out there is a new look. I hate change!!! I think it is because I must adjust. Adjusting is difficult for a Fibromite. I hope the adjustment period won't take long.

We have had beautiful weather the last few days. Thunder storms  in the evenings. I enjoy the sound.  :-D

Our Miss Lyla spent a week with us. We sure enjoyed her. She enjoys taking every minute of your day and I enjoyed being with her. I had to give up household duties, including fixing dinner, while she was here. I didn't have extra time. You can imagine how it stacked up around here. She is a delight and worth every minute.

My doctor ordered another round of antibiotics for my bladder infection. My intestinal track is sore,  but the infection may be gone.

I started a weekly Bible Study on David. I think I will enjoy the lessons. I've met many new friends. Heather is also attending. It will be nice to spend an evening with her without husbands and kids.

The Park is coming along. The new owners arrived for a week.We are enjoying getting to know them.

I had a mini breakdown last week. The combination of over working my body and the stress of alot to accomplish in the park and in my home. Dwain didn't help much. He was having a rough couple of days too.

Hugs to everyone!

Yes you can ... learn how to use a new program.

Yes you can ... stand strong to up to the minute challenges

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter is Not Over!

"Winter Weather Advisory"

Gotta "cold" sound to it doesn't it? We are expecting four days of snow. I'm hoping that the forecast changes drastically...quickly. It was in the 20's last night. Today was warm. The snow-covered mountains are beautiful.

We are now managing an RV park in Wallowa, Oregon, located in NE Oregon. Lots to due before visitors arrive. More cleaning than I expected. So taking one step at a time. Dwain has the grounds looking good. If it snows hard, we may have a day off! :-D

My UTI is not clearing up. They sent my "sample" for culture. The nurse said she would call me on Monday, but has not. I will call her tomorrow morning. I gotta get rid of this nuisance. It's dragging me down.

Our granddaughter, Lyla, will arrive for five days on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to our time together.

Our daughter, Heather, called tonight and invited me to attend a Women's Bible Study with her. I think I will enjoy the time together. The ladies are from different churches within Wallowa County and meet once a week.

My bed is calling. I hope everyone has a good sleep tonight.

Yes, I can ..... breathe deeply to help relax

Yes, I can ..... dress in layers to keep myself warm

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Close Your Eyes

I had a revelation about a month ago. Been practicing and found that the revelation WORKS!!!
Have I got your attention?

Fibromyalgia messes with my cognitive abilities. The symptom does not discriminate. It can intrude while I'm speaking, writing or while I'm trying to have a quiet moment, thinking. My mind will go blank while trying to think of the right word. I know the word I'm trying to say. I can tell you what letter it begins with. I can see the word written in my thought. I just can't get the word out of my mouth, on paper or in my thought.

When I was working for an attorney, I began to switch words while typing. The word I switched the most was "court." I would type "could" in place of "court." When you are doing a legal document, the word must be correct. You can't replace "court" with "could."

One day while talking with Dwain, I could not speak the word to complete my sentence. I closed my eyes and began to speak. I was able to complete the story. Each time I have difficulty conveying my words, I close my eyes and wha-la! I can complete the sentence. Although I am ecstatic to complete thoughts, I'm sure Dwain is happy too. This has been hard on his patience. He has learned to wait. However, once in awhile, he snaps at me to complete the sentence. So I know it is frustrating for him. I feel bad enough without his snaps. My self esteem lowers a notch.

Soooooo, if you have this Fibromyalgia symptom, try closing your eyes. I hope you can complete your story, your written word or your thoughts.

Yes, you can ..... complete your expression

Yes, you can ..... learn new technique,s no matter your age