Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Close Your Eyes

I had a revelation about a month ago. Been practicing and found that the revelation WORKS!!!
Have I got your attention?

Fibromyalgia messes with my cognitive abilities. The symptom does not discriminate. It can intrude while I'm speaking, writing or while I'm trying to have a quiet moment, thinking. My mind will go blank while trying to think of the right word. I know the word I'm trying to say. I can tell you what letter it begins with. I can see the word written in my thought. I just can't get the word out of my mouth, on paper or in my thought.

When I was working for an attorney, I began to switch words while typing. The word I switched the most was "court." I would type "could" in place of "court." When you are doing a legal document, the word must be correct. You can't replace "court" with "could."

One day while talking with Dwain, I could not speak the word to complete my sentence. I closed my eyes and began to speak. I was able to complete the story. Each time I have difficulty conveying my words, I close my eyes and wha-la! I can complete the sentence. Although I am ecstatic to complete thoughts, I'm sure Dwain is happy too. This has been hard on his patience. He has learned to wait. However, once in awhile, he snaps at me to complete the sentence. So I know it is frustrating for him. I feel bad enough without his snaps. My self esteem lowers a notch.

Soooooo, if you have this Fibromyalgia symptom, try closing your eyes. I hope you can complete your story, your written word or your thoughts.

Yes, you can ..... complete your expression

Yes, you can ..... learn new technique,s no matter your age


  1. thanks for the tip! I shall try it. I have that happen a lot so I shall try it rather soon!


  2. Thank you - I will try it also, I do this every time I am talking with a co-worker or my boss and I usually walk out feeling like an idiot! Looking forward to trying it and completing a sentence!
    Best Regards,

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I suffer from fibromyalgia and this happens to me quiet often and it is so embarrassing. This is simple but great advice. I found similar helpful tips at which has helped me manage my symptoms. I hope this is helpful!
    Best Wishes,

  4. I face similar problems these days though I have Fibromyalgia for almost 3 years now. This is is very interesting tip, will try it from now. I have created a blog to raise awareness about the condition, especially in India. Can I share this tip with my readers?

  5. I do exactly the same thing! Also when people ask me when was this or when did you do that? When I have to think about it, my mind stays blank, but when I visualise it, I can remember a lot of things!

  6. This happens to me often. Having been Highly functioning R N, this is probably the most difficult thing for me... The worst thing is when your family states they feel the whole problem Is in your head and due to the drugs that are helping you. Then to be called"crazy" by your family... It is almost more than I can stand.

  7. Thanks...I was diagnosed 11 years ago, and I thought the 'cognitive thinking' pause were related to age...I guess I was in denial. Thanks for the boost.

  8. Thought it was aging issue as well. Went off some medication I been on 2 years ago, & after 2 year voila, memory again.
    Still forget words though.

    I am now using Dr.Mercola's Krill Oil & feel better with it. It side effects are all beneficial!

  9. Hi, think this is try no 3 and I'm hoping to get this one posted. I'm so happy to be talking to other people with the same issues. I have the fog very bad. I change my letters all the time while I speak and write. Does make people laugh though! I feel a bit like I have lost some of my mind. Happy blogging everyone! Debs, I love the things you write. I will be back soon!

  10. I have had fibro. since 1996 and also have severe word search problems. Closing my eys does work sometimes, but not everytime. It is very discouraging to be losing words like this. I was an RN for 25 years and words are a huge thing when it has to do with medical stuff. I enjoyed this post and will stay and have a look around. I also have a blog for fibromyalgia persons at Thanks for the great post!

  11. My problem is forgetting peoples names. It's very embarrasing

  12. Ithought the memory failing was because of age (68) I am so happy to read other people have the same problem. What type of medicine do ya'll take. I've had this for 35 years.

    1. Kyani does wonders especially for people with fibromyalgia. I dont like taking drugs because of side effects. I fully support all natural products! please let me know. I would love to share more information with anyone

  13. I have found that an old school seizure medication has changed my life!'s called Gabapentin and I have to take high doses, but it actually changed my life. I could get out of bed and walk to the microwave to cook something to eat. After weeks if this I found a new doctor and she now has me lower pain meds instead of increasing. I tried everything, even tough I'm only 31. But, Gabapentin works!!!

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