Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter is Not Over!

"Winter Weather Advisory"

Gotta "cold" sound to it doesn't it? We are expecting four days of snow. I'm hoping that the forecast changes drastically...quickly. It was in the 20's last night. Today was warm. The snow-covered mountains are beautiful.

We are now managing an RV park in Wallowa, Oregon, located in NE Oregon. Lots to due before visitors arrive. More cleaning than I expected. So taking one step at a time. Dwain has the grounds looking good. If it snows hard, we may have a day off! :-D

My UTI is not clearing up. They sent my "sample" for culture. The nurse said she would call me on Monday, but has not. I will call her tomorrow morning. I gotta get rid of this nuisance. It's dragging me down.

Our granddaughter, Lyla, will arrive for five days on Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to our time together.

Our daughter, Heather, called tonight and invited me to attend a Women's Bible Study with her. I think I will enjoy the time together. The ladies are from different churches within Wallowa County and meet once a week.

My bed is calling. I hope everyone has a good sleep tonight.

Yes, I can ..... breathe deeply to help relax

Yes, I can ..... dress in layers to keep myself warm


  1. how sweet! Lyla for 5 days! that is awesome!

    I do hope you have a warm up! Cold advisory doesn't sound too fun to me either!


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  4. I love spring, but the change in seasons seems to always bring on the unwanted colds/flues for this household.

    Tired of the snow; hope it stays in the mountains!

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