Friday, April 29, 2011

Fibro Won Yesterday

Fibromyalgia won yesterday. :-(

I lost my Godmother recently. She was also my Aunt. I was given the schedule for her multiple services. Dwain and I worked out how we could attend. This was a feat as our oldest Grandson's 15th birthday and our youngest Grandson's baseball tournament both fell on either side of her service. It would be a mega-full schedule, but could be done. By chance my brother called to see if I had received the service schedule. I told him I had and that we were leaving about 8 pm, after having Patrick's birthday dinner and cake with him. We would drive for several hours, stop for the night, then drive the rest of the way Friday morning, arriving in time for her graveside service. I had even made arrangements to pick our Granddaughter up on our way through Portland, keep her over night and return her on our way through Portland the next day. My brother was surprised we were leaving so early. This was a red flag and I questioned his comment. One of my cousins gave me the wrong schedule. The graveside service would not be until Sunday. Anxiety took over my being. I couldn't think. Emotion welled up and I couldn't figure out how to handle it. It was the most out of control feeling. It lasted for quite awhile. It slowed down when I made the decision not to attend the funeral. I was on the verge of tears all day. Sometimes they flowed. But there was always more. Today while I was reliving this situation, I had the realization that Fibro won. Ever feel the mixture of anger and sadness? What an over-whelming combination. My cognitive behavior has been worse, I'm very tired. I'm battling to keep depression at bay. I wish I could have over-powered my emotions and sat on them. I have had these emotions before, but this, by far, has been the worst. I've been able to handle them before. Not this time.

Yesterday, Fibro won.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I couldn't get motivated this morning. When I tried to accomplish something, I couldn't focus. I'd start, then be distracted. Heather came over about noon. We had lunch together and a visit. Next we headed for Enterprise, which is about 30 minutes from Wallowa. She had to get her allergy shot and run a few errands. I was along for the ride. Later we did grocery shopping. Glad to have that done! Everyone was in the store, stocking up for the weekend.

I'm glad Easter weekend has arrived. I understand we are to have a nice weather. My Patrick and Joshua informed their Mom that they didn't want to have an egg hunt this Easter. Guess they have grown up. Dwain's Dad and his wife, Lenora are driving across the state on Saturday to spend Easter with us.

Heather shared information with me today that has drained my strength. Anyone with Fibromyalgia knows that emotional stress increases your pain. I hope that a good night sleep will help. I ask those that read my blog to say a prayer of strength for me.

Looking forward to Josh's opening day of baseball tomorrow. He has one game. I love watching his team play. They are learning and growing as players right before your eyes. I'm a proud Grandma!

Dwain, Lucy and I took a walk after dinner. It was nice to be outside although the sun was going down so the cool of the evening chilled us. I would prefer to take a daily walk earlier in the day, like late morning. By afternoon, my energy level is less. But I did it. :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Miscellaneous Day

Had a slow day. Played on Facebook, twitter and email most of the morning. Did accomplish a large load of towels, washed and dried. Cooked chicken, mashed potatoes and salad for dinner. Watched American Idol.

It snowed most of the day. Didn't stick until this evening. Will be interesting to see what happens overnight. Grocery shopping with Heather tomorrow. Will enjoy her company. Also, will be nice to be out.

My Fibro has stayed in check today. Just a slight headache. Had an hour nap this afternoon.

Received a phone call from Seth this evening. It's been too long since we have talked. I miss him. I wish we lived closer. He is settled in his new home. Excited for him to have his first home.
Lucy will have a bath tomorrow. She is starting to smell like a dog!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in Oregon

My last post I mentioned that Dwain and I were going to hit the road. Well....we did! We were on the road for two weeks. Saw beautiful country. Most was covered in snow. We drove from the north Oregon coast to Rapid City, South Dakota. On our return to Oregon, we circled up to Fortine, Montana. Dwain's brother and his family live there. We planned to stay two days but got snowed in. That gave the brothers another day, which we all appreciated. It was nice to see that the community, which is small, love and support our family. They are in a place where everyone knows your business and helps when they can.

My Fibromyalgia did fine as long as I was able to stretch and walk every four hours. We had one day going to Rapid City and two days heading to NW Montana that we didn't stop as often. Boy did my body feel it and I felt my body! Only once took a pain medication. Otherwise I shifted alot. :D

We arrived in Wallowa, Oregon at 9:30 pm this Monday. It was a long drive from NW Montana. It feels good to be here. It's like returning home. We have spent many summers in this little NE corner of Oregon. We have almost two weeks until we return to Wallowa Lake State Park. We will be spending the summer at the Lake, park hosting.

My Chronic Fatigue continues to play havoc. I sat down about 11 am. I'd been on my feet for several hours and my body needed a rest. It wasn't two minutes and my eye lids were closing. I was able to battle the fatigue until 1:00. I then took a two hour nap. Exhaustion is not fun. You move in what feels like slow motion and you can't think straight.

Time to get to bed for the night. Hope you all have a good night sleep. Hugs

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting out of Dodge!


Yep, I have hitch itch. It does not cause a rash, upset tummy, diarrhea or hunger. Hitch itch is a term my husband Dwain and I use when we are ready to hit the road. In case you don't remember or you are a new reader, Dwain and I are full-time RVers. We have a 37' Fifth Wheel Montana. After being in an area for awhile, we get hitch itch to get out of Dodge. Well, we are itchin'! We are waiting for our mail to arrive from eastern Oregon then we will hitch up the RV and go! While traveling, we stop every two hours to stretch. We keep snacks and plenty of water in the truck.

I enjoy traveling, seeing new places. It also provides me with time to read or knit. We rarely eat out. The RV is our home so the fridge/freezer is full. Although I don't cook a large meal as we are never as hungry after sitting all day. Also my Fibromyalgia is height on. My butt gets tired and my pain increases. I'm thankful that the drive is not a long day. The drive is always interesting. Not only new scenery, but we always see wildlife...deer, elk, mountain goats ad lots of birds, to name a few.

I'm a lucky girl to be living as I like. It is easier on my body and for that, I am thankful.