Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in Oregon

My last post I mentioned that Dwain and I were going to hit the road. Well....we did! We were on the road for two weeks. Saw beautiful country. Most was covered in snow. We drove from the north Oregon coast to Rapid City, South Dakota. On our return to Oregon, we circled up to Fortine, Montana. Dwain's brother and his family live there. We planned to stay two days but got snowed in. That gave the brothers another day, which we all appreciated. It was nice to see that the community, which is small, love and support our family. They are in a place where everyone knows your business and helps when they can.

My Fibromyalgia did fine as long as I was able to stretch and walk every four hours. We had one day going to Rapid City and two days heading to NW Montana that we didn't stop as often. Boy did my body feel it and I felt my body! Only once took a pain medication. Otherwise I shifted alot. :D

We arrived in Wallowa, Oregon at 9:30 pm this Monday. It was a long drive from NW Montana. It feels good to be here. It's like returning home. We have spent many summers in this little NE corner of Oregon. We have almost two weeks until we return to Wallowa Lake State Park. We will be spending the summer at the Lake, park hosting.

My Chronic Fatigue continues to play havoc. I sat down about 11 am. I'd been on my feet for several hours and my body needed a rest. It wasn't two minutes and my eye lids were closing. I was able to battle the fatigue until 1:00. I then took a two hour nap. Exhaustion is not fun. You move in what feels like slow motion and you can't think straight.

Time to get to bed for the night. Hope you all have a good night sleep. Hugs


  1. I hope today he fatigue isn't so bad. What a nifty trip that must have been. Someday you are going to need to come to Michigan! My corner of it anyways!!!!

  2. Hi Deb,sounds like a wonderful trip. I am sooo ready for a road trip..maybe head back east this summer...visit with my sis and friends who are planning a meet up in July in Lancaster, PA...I was in that area last summer for just a day, and loved the Amish and their way of life..oh and the food and shopping..So we will see if it happens..with the price of gas it's probably not going to happen, but the life is short and I don' think I can tolerate the whole summer spent in the summer heat..I feel the need to travel..of course,like you, my body will feel it, but hopefully getting out and stretching every few hours will help..
    Glad you are back safe and sound!


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