Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Miscellaneous Day

Had a slow day. Played on Facebook, twitter and email most of the morning. Did accomplish a large load of towels, washed and dried. Cooked chicken, mashed potatoes and salad for dinner. Watched American Idol.

It snowed most of the day. Didn't stick until this evening. Will be interesting to see what happens overnight. Grocery shopping with Heather tomorrow. Will enjoy her company. Also, will be nice to be out.

My Fibro has stayed in check today. Just a slight headache. Had an hour nap this afternoon.

Received a phone call from Seth this evening. It's been too long since we have talked. I miss him. I wish we lived closer. He is settled in his new home. Excited for him to have his first home.
Lucy will have a bath tomorrow. She is starting to smell like a dog!!


  1. Debbie have a nice Easter weekend. B

  2. I am glad Fibro is in check for you!!!! I stlll say you need to come to Michigan!!!!! I do hope you will have an awesome Easter weekend!!!!!! Enjoy the time with you Heather!!!!!!!!