Friday, April 22, 2011

I couldn't get motivated this morning. When I tried to accomplish something, I couldn't focus. I'd start, then be distracted. Heather came over about noon. We had lunch together and a visit. Next we headed for Enterprise, which is about 30 minutes from Wallowa. She had to get her allergy shot and run a few errands. I was along for the ride. Later we did grocery shopping. Glad to have that done! Everyone was in the store, stocking up for the weekend.

I'm glad Easter weekend has arrived. I understand we are to have a nice weather. My Patrick and Joshua informed their Mom that they didn't want to have an egg hunt this Easter. Guess they have grown up. Dwain's Dad and his wife, Lenora are driving across the state on Saturday to spend Easter with us.

Heather shared information with me today that has drained my strength. Anyone with Fibromyalgia knows that emotional stress increases your pain. I hope that a good night sleep will help. I ask those that read my blog to say a prayer of strength for me.

Looking forward to Josh's opening day of baseball tomorrow. He has one game. I love watching his team play. They are learning and growing as players right before your eyes. I'm a proud Grandma!

Dwain, Lucy and I took a walk after dinner. It was nice to be outside although the sun was going down so the cool of the evening chilled us. I would prefer to take a daily walk earlier in the day, like late morning. By afternoon, my energy level is less. But I did it. :D


  1. I will say a prayer for you for strength! I hope tomorrow is a better day!!!!!!

  2. Praying that all is well and hope you had a blessed Easter:)I agree that emotional stress can really make things worse!