Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oregon Coast

Off this am for the Oregon coast to attend our 40th high school class reunion. It's an 8 hour drive, but we will make it a 2 day drive. Nice not to be in the car 8 hours. Will also visit family and friends, including our granddaughter, Lyla. Lyla is getting ready to walk by herself. She is walking around things.

Will be off line for several days.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wallowa Lake Lodge

Had a wonderful evening yesterday. Friends from the coast were staying at Wallowa Lake Lodge. We met about 4 pm and took the tram up Mt. Howard, elevation 8,200'. Gorgeous views! At the top there are multiple hiking trails of various distances. Unfortunately, they were all be uphill. I had a tuff time, but managed what I would. There is also a small eating establishment at the top. I would like to return and spend a morning on top, having lunch before coming down. We had about a half hour before our dinner reservation. Velda and I went to their room to wash up and have girl chatter. Dwain and John had a beer and visited downstairs in the lodge lobby. Our dinner was amazing. Although costly, there was more food than we could eat. I had giant tiger prawns, Velda had trout, John, chicken and Dwain had a steak. We all had a dinner salad, warm bread, baked potato and steamed seasonal veggies, mostly squashes and peppers. WOW! It was very good. We had coffee and tea after dinner and visited. Retired to the lodge's lobby for more visiting. Dwain and I probably over stayed our welcome. The lodge is old. They have kept the integrity of the decor.

On a side note...The doctor's office has not returned my refill ok to the pharmacy for my Neurotin. I left the refill at the pharmacy on Thurs. This is now Tues. The pharmacy will resend this am. Because it was not ready to pick up on Saturday, I've stretched what I had to get me through 'til Monday afternoon. Very disappointed when it wasn't ready. I had a couple in my purse that I keep with me so took those last night. I had one for this morning. However, I am to take two. So have been stretching this medication since Saturday. I will be glad to be back on my regular dose.

You are between a rock and a hard place, because the insurance company won't let you refill unless you are close to 30 days since the last refill. Then you need to wait for the doctor's office to ok it. Frustrating...

Monday, August 24, 2009

NEVER write at night

I should NEVER write at night when I'm exhausted and my Fibromyalgia pain is worse.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm OK

Thought I better say I'm OK after my last confusing rant. I can't figure out why I'm all of a sudden spilling what I'm drinking. And I'm not drinking alcohol! Guess I will need to see if it continues.

I'm A Klutz!

I'M A KLUTZ! This morning I went to sit in my chair and sloshed the glass of water I was carrying. That may not sound so bad, but I've been sloshing for 3 days. Maybe I need a tippy cup like a two year old. I've always been a klutz, but not with the liquid I'm carrying. My klutzing experience is usually tripping over things. My youngest son Adam, said he could put one shoe in the middle of an empty gym and I would trip on it. He's right.

Are my hands shaking and I don't realize it? I had tremors with my head and hands at one time, but they were infrequent and haven't realized for several months. Guess I better be aware of what my hands are doing when I spill. Are you visualizing this? Can our conscious be aware of what our hands are doing when we are carrying something? I think I'm going crazy! Don't we subconsciously

My balance is not good. Maybe writing IS therapeutic! Maybe it is my balance and not shaky hands. Crap! Now I need to remember to watch my hands and my balance.

My Fibromyalgia won't let me multi-task anymore, writing and thinking! And thinking about this is hurting my head. Bye...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy Week

We've had a busy couple of days. My Aunt and Uncle are in Wallowa County for five days. They are considering retiring in the area in a few years. Today we spent the day together. Dwain and I showing them areas in the Lostine, Enterprise and Joseph. I think they are favoring the Enterprise area. We returned to Heather's in the afternoon for a visit. After Matt got off work, we all headed to Enterprise for Mexican dinner. Dinner was great, but the company was the best! They will have some alone/rest time on Thursday then we will spend Friday together before they leave on Saturday.

I did fine this morning, but sure needed a lay-down time this afternoon and evening and unable to do so. Being home on Thursday will be a good catch-up day. I'll be able to have a nap. My head is hurting pretty bad tonight from over doing it. Also have the "creepy crawlies" big time. Sleep will help.

Off to bed now.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Party!

Party was great fun. Music was great too. I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't sit in my chair...on my feet I went. I danced with an old friend and my grandsons. Didn't get to bed 'til 11. My legs were hurting bad last night so knew I would be miserable today and I was right. I had a good sleep last night, but exhausted today. I've had two, one hour naps and one that was forty minutes. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. I hope I sleep tonight.

The music was provided by Frank Carlson. Frank is located in Baker City, Oregon. There are samples of his music on his website at Take a listen.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Having a Good Day

I've had two good days. Today I accomplished a few things in the am. Had a good visit with an old friend. Put baked beans in the oven for potluck. Had an good hour nap. Am now checking email, Facebook, Twitter and posting a short note.

Our friend, Debbie is turning 50 and there will be a potluck, live music and good fun. Looking forward to lots of laughter. I am thankful that the party is in the RV park where we are staying so I can run (interesting word!) home to rest or go to bed if needed. Not dependent on "WHEN" Dwain is ready to go. I am lucky as there hasn't been many times that I'm tired and need to go home and he is not ready. Think I'll keep him!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thought I would share with you the medications I take and maybe you would like to share yours. There are so many different meds now, some prescription, others OTC or herbal.

The prescriptions I take are Effexor XR, Neurotin, Flexeril, Trazodone and Lisinopril. The Effexor raised my blood pressure. Dr. said she would rather put me on a blood pressure medication than try to take me off the Effexor.

The OTC items I take for FM are Guaifenesin, Zantac, Lysine and Citrucel.

I also take a multi vitamin, calcium, Evening Primrose, Asprin (81 mg).

They tell me that I'm on a good program. That this is as good as I will feel by taking these meds. I do feel much better than before I started the meds. But . . . I wish I would feel normal again rather than the new normal . . . know what I mean?

A Good Day

I've had a good FM day. Nice to have one periodically. I didn't get alot done. Did alot of sitting. I sure don't want to sit all day in order to have a good day. But may be relegated to that. Hope not.

I have two zuchinnis to bake into bread in the morning. Adam, our youngest son and his family have a large garden and they have shared produce. Little Lyla, our 10 month old granddaughter has had a cough and that is getting better. Daughter, Heather and her son, Patrick, 13, are at Rodeo Bible Camp. Oldest son, Seth, lives in Chicago and we will see him over the Christmas holiday. Josh, 11, was here. We did alot of talking today. I love what my grandsons share with me!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Josh is here!

I have a permanent smile on my face today. Grandson Josh, 11, is here for the day. Grandchildren wear me out. My fatigue and Fibromyalgia pain are increased because of the activity, but I'll take it on the chin any day. My grandkids are the good parts of my children without the daily work of having children. Make sense? Rite now we are watching Tom & Jerry before turning the TV off. Dwain and Josh may take an over night hike. That will be nice for them. The advantage for me is I don't need to worry about cooking meals. Everyone wins!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Final Gifts

I want to recommend a book I enjoyed after my Dad passed on. The title is Final Gifts. It was written by Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley. The ladies are Hospice Nurses. It's a wonderful read if you have lost or are loosing a family member or friend. The book gives you insight to the death process.

Here is a poem written by Debbie Short, Hospice Nurse in Tillamook County, Oregon. Debbie shared this poem with our family the day before my Mother-in-Law passed away. We included her poem in Mom's funeral pamphlet. I thank you Deb, once again for sharing your heart.

"My Collection
Folks tend to save things all their lives
Collecting various stuff
From teaspoons to toasters, to teddy bears
To outrageous Hollywood fluff.
Others covet old maps and books
And pour over each one with zest
Or sigh, reading brittle love letters of old
Timeless messages to those cherished best.
I too, have keepsakes that are dear to me
That would mean nothing to somebody else
Things, that when I am gone, will be gone too
Or sit draped in dust on a shelf.
But the collections that mean the most to me
Are painstakingly built over time;
Friends that are clearly hand-picked by God
And family ties that gently still bind.
My collection surely won't fetch a price
On the market of world-woven pleasures
But here, in my heart, it is priceless indeed
A treasured gift, with worth beyond measure."
May you enjoy your family and friends. Keep in touch often. I have been blessed with my collection of family and friends and they are my greatest supporters, whether we are talking about my FM or life situations.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How Positive R U?

I work VERY hard to stay positive during my day. To be honest, by dinner-time my positive attitude is beginning to fade. My patience is short. My fatigue has increased, which increases my Fibro Fog and my pain. If I have an issue that kicks my anxiety into gear prior to dinner-time, I'm in trouble the rest of the day. When I'm feeling really rotten, I'm usually quiet. I need to work harder when I open my mouth to be nice. I'm sure everyone has these experience that has constant chronic pain and fatigue.

Because I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia continuously for 6 1/2 years, I have come to a place that when pity party thoughts enter my head, I dismiss them or replace with something I need to do. Depression would be easy to entertain if I didn't constantly work at being positive.

I try not to talk about my FM symptoms in a complaining manner. Who wants to listen to me complain every time I open my mouth. On the other hand, when I say I can't participate in something, I'm usually asked to explain why. I do not enjoy explaining my limitations. Reminds me what I am missing. There again, is a pity party comin' on...gotta work to bring positive thoughts into my life. Because I know when I can't participate and am accepting of the joy of watching.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've added a link to The Walking Company. The Walking Company is a shoe store that was recommended by a Physical Therapist I saw about a year ago. In fact, she gave me a 10% discount coupon. One thing I appreciated about the salesman was that he "talked to me." He wanted to know if I knew the style of shoe I was looking for, what would I be using the shoe for, such as dress, work, recreation, did I have any known problems with my feet. I explained I was looking for a shoe that I could mostly use with my jeans, but also casual slacks. Also that I had Fibromyalgia which included balance problems and neuropathy. He directed me to the Clark's Unstructured brand of shoes and gave me the option of only a few shoes. None of the shoes had raised heels. They were all level, with good soles. assume he would have sold me any shoe I wanted but I took his advice and tried on the suggested shoes and selected a pair from his advice. I have been extremely happy with the shoes. I would recommend The Walking Company to people with FM and anyone looking for shoes.

We Are Fibro!

I have come upon the site of I have been unable to spend much time there. Will need to do it in increments of time. They have pages of communities, including one for Grandparents with Fibromyalgia. I am a Grandma so realize the challenges FM imposes. I am very thankful for my older grandchildren who always remember why I can't do something and notice when I am hurting. My youngest, who is only 10 months old will grow up with it too. They also have forums. I read a few this morning and gained interesting information.

Check em out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Forgot My AM Fibromyalgia Medication!

Josh now has 3 blue ribbons, 2 red and 1 white. Proud of this young man for his accomplishments. He has worked hard to learn new skills and building a relationship with Badger.

I rode into the fair activities with Josh and his Mom, our daughter, Heather this morning. They picked me up at 6:30 am. I take my AM Fibromyalgia medication after breakfast so took them with me. I planned to eat breakfast at the fairgrounds in the 4-H Snack Shack. Because of the different scheduling to my day, I forgot to take my meds. The day was heating up and my body was hurting so didn't identify it largely from no meds instead of the heat. I got home at 1 pm. Went to take my after lunch meds and realized my forgetfulness. Since my FM became a full-time nusiance, I've had trouble when my regular schedule is altered, remembering usual plans. When plans are changed my anxiety usually kicks in. I took the meds and laid down.

Anyone else have forgetfulness or anxiety when your schedule is altered? I'm sure they do.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blue Ribbon!

My Josh brought home a blue ribbon for showmanship. This was his first 4-H fair experience. He also did judging, but don't know how he did yet.

The weather was hot, but a nice breeze blew. I kept in the shade and did well. As expected, fatigue was a factor, but the heat wasn't as bad as it has been.

Back to the fairgrounds by 7 am and a full day of competition. This time Josh will be ridding.

Off to the Fair!

Grandson, Josh, 11, competes today at the Wallowa County 4-H Fair with his buddy, Badger. This is Josh's first year in 4-H.

Temps have been at 100 and expected to be the same today with possible thunder and lightening. I'm preparing myself to watch his events today and tomorrow. I have a fan/mister and hope that helps. The fan puts out alot of wind by itself. The grandstands are covered, for which I am equally thankful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weather Changes/Pain Changes

I was reading a Facebook blog today and was happy to discover others that were experiencing increased Fibro pain because of the hot summer weather. I haven't talked to anyone who had increased pain because of the hot weather. Everyone I've talked to feels better in the summer and worse when the rainy season begins. I thought I felt better during the cooler weather because I was raised on the cool, Oregon coast. But it seems it is the luck of the draw, a part of my journey.

It's a Hot Summer!

It's been a week since my last post. We've been on the road, traveling between NW Oregon to NE Oregon. Visited our park hosting friends, Sonny and Mary in Ilwaco, WA. Also our son and family, Adam, Carrie and baby Lyla, who is almost 10 months, in Ridgefield, WA. Very much enjoy our visits and always hate to leave. However, it was 101 and 102 the two days we were in Ridgefield. It was 95 when we arrived in Wallowa, OR. Heat is not my body's friend. Most FM suffers feel better in warm weather. Not I! It not only lugs me down, but my Fibromyalgia pain level increases. Anyone else have more trouble with heat than cold weather?

I have another book to recommend. "The Fibromyalgia Help Book". The authors are I. Jon Russell, MD, Ph.D and Jenny Fransen, RN. This was the first FM book I acquired. I read it before I was diagnosed. When I went to the Rheumatologist, I told him I had read the book, thought I had FM and wanted to be checked for it. Of course, he ruffled a bit. No one likes to be "told" especially a doctor. But sometimes we are so desperate for a diagnosis, our research provides what we think is the answer. In my case, I fit the information. I needed a doctor to confirm my suspicion and help me. Help me he did. Dr. Valentine practiced in Astoria, Oregon. To my sadness, he passed away four months after my diagnosis. He got me on medication and a good start to feeling better. I wish I could have learned more from him.