Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've added a link to The Walking Company. The Walking Company is a shoe store that was recommended by a Physical Therapist I saw about a year ago. In fact, she gave me a 10% discount coupon. One thing I appreciated about the salesman was that he "talked to me." He wanted to know if I knew the style of shoe I was looking for, what would I be using the shoe for, such as dress, work, recreation, did I have any known problems with my feet. I explained I was looking for a shoe that I could mostly use with my jeans, but also casual slacks. Also that I had Fibromyalgia which included balance problems and neuropathy. He directed me to the Clark's Unstructured brand of shoes and gave me the option of only a few shoes. None of the shoes had raised heels. They were all level, with good soles. assume he would have sold me any shoe I wanted but I took his advice and tried on the suggested shoes and selected a pair from his advice. I have been extremely happy with the shoes. I would recommend The Walking Company to people with FM and anyone looking for shoes.


  1. Thank you for the posting about shoes! I have been trying in vain to find shoes that I could use when walking around constantly at work! I've been using a pair of tennis shoes designed for people who work in food service (available at Walmart), because they are relatively comfortable and slip/oil resistant. This company, is it only local, or do they have a website?

  2. You can access The Walking Co. through my blog. There's a flash button on the right side of the blog. If you purchase through my blog I get a commission :>) They are a national chain. You could find a store nearest to you from their website. The shoes I have are Clarks. They are flats, so you won't fall off, as my son says. I often loose my balance or my legs give out. They are not fashionable, but they do the trick. They are not cheap but they have a good warranty. Let me know if you get a pair and how they work for you.

  3. I needed to be more clear. The shoes I have are Clarks Unstructured.