Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Good Day

I've had a good FM day. Nice to have one periodically. I didn't get alot done. Did alot of sitting. I sure don't want to sit all day in order to have a good day. But may be relegated to that. Hope not.

I have two zuchinnis to bake into bread in the morning. Adam, our youngest son and his family have a large garden and they have shared produce. Little Lyla, our 10 month old granddaughter has had a cough and that is getting better. Daughter, Heather and her son, Patrick, 13, are at Rodeo Bible Camp. Oldest son, Seth, lives in Chicago and we will see him over the Christmas holiday. Josh, 11, was here. We did alot of talking today. I love what my grandsons share with me!

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