Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wallowa Lake Lodge

Had a wonderful evening yesterday. Friends from the coast were staying at Wallowa Lake Lodge. We met about 4 pm and took the tram up Mt. Howard, elevation 8,200'. Gorgeous views! At the top there are multiple hiking trails of various distances. Unfortunately, they were all be uphill. I had a tuff time, but managed what I would. There is also a small eating establishment at the top. I would like to return and spend a morning on top, having lunch before coming down. We had about a half hour before our dinner reservation. Velda and I went to their room to wash up and have girl chatter. Dwain and John had a beer and visited downstairs in the lodge lobby. Our dinner was amazing. Although costly, there was more food than we could eat. I had giant tiger prawns, Velda had trout, John, chicken and Dwain had a steak. We all had a dinner salad, warm bread, baked potato and steamed seasonal veggies, mostly squashes and peppers. WOW! It was very good. We had coffee and tea after dinner and visited. Retired to the lodge's lobby for more visiting. Dwain and I probably over stayed our welcome. The lodge is old. They have kept the integrity of the decor.

On a side note...The doctor's office has not returned my refill ok to the pharmacy for my Neurotin. I left the refill at the pharmacy on Thurs. This is now Tues. The pharmacy will resend this am. Because it was not ready to pick up on Saturday, I've stretched what I had to get me through 'til Monday afternoon. Very disappointed when it wasn't ready. I had a couple in my purse that I keep with me so took those last night. I had one for this morning. However, I am to take two. So have been stretching this medication since Saturday. I will be glad to be back on my regular dose.

You are between a rock and a hard place, because the insurance company won't let you refill unless you are close to 30 days since the last refill. Then you need to wait for the doctor's office to ok it. Frustrating...

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