Monday, August 3, 2009

Forgot My AM Fibromyalgia Medication!

Josh now has 3 blue ribbons, 2 red and 1 white. Proud of this young man for his accomplishments. He has worked hard to learn new skills and building a relationship with Badger.

I rode into the fair activities with Josh and his Mom, our daughter, Heather this morning. They picked me up at 6:30 am. I take my AM Fibromyalgia medication after breakfast so took them with me. I planned to eat breakfast at the fairgrounds in the 4-H Snack Shack. Because of the different scheduling to my day, I forgot to take my meds. The day was heating up and my body was hurting so didn't identify it largely from no meds instead of the heat. I got home at 1 pm. Went to take my after lunch meds and realized my forgetfulness. Since my FM became a full-time nusiance, I've had trouble when my regular schedule is altered, remembering usual plans. When plans are changed my anxiety usually kicks in. I took the meds and laid down.

Anyone else have forgetfulness or anxiety when your schedule is altered? I'm sure they do.


  1. Anxiety often results from changes in scheduling, so don't feel bad about that. Probably has nothing to do with the fibromyalgia.

  2. Unfortunately it is part of my FM. Usally causes more havic. I was lucky. Sorry I was not able to be on the phone with Dwain. Grandson at the county fair took me away. I appreciate the information you have given us. Thanks