Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thought I would share with you the medications I take and maybe you would like to share yours. There are so many different meds now, some prescription, others OTC or herbal.

The prescriptions I take are Effexor XR, Neurotin, Flexeril, Trazodone and Lisinopril. The Effexor raised my blood pressure. Dr. said she would rather put me on a blood pressure medication than try to take me off the Effexor.

The OTC items I take for FM are Guaifenesin, Zantac, Lysine and Citrucel.

I also take a multi vitamin, calcium, Evening Primrose, Asprin (81 mg).

They tell me that I'm on a good program. That this is as good as I will feel by taking these meds. I do feel much better than before I started the meds. But . . . I wish I would feel normal again rather than the new normal . . . know what I mean?


  1. Ok, you ready?
    RX: Nexium, Celebrex, Buspar, Cymbalta, Lyrica, Trinessa, Requip, Compazine, Lunesta, and Symbicort, Tramadol,

    OTC: Tylenol, Biofreeze

    Other: Multivitamin, Malic Acid/Magnesium, Min-Tran, OPC-3, Vitamin D

  2. Over the last couple of years I have taken a slew of things. I think I'm on a great combination that seems to work better than anything I've tried thus far: Cymbalta, Armour Thyroid, Lisnopril, Claritin, Adderall, Pulmicort, and Seroquel as needed. I also take B2 twice a day for my migraines.

    As far as supplements go, I can't even really begin to tell you the names of them all, I'm on a plan from the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue center, so it's a combination of vitamins and minerals that are suppose to help my metabolic process, as well as restore my energy. They are some obscure ingredients, but also things like magnesium, calcium, B vitamin complex, etc.

  3. I am currently taking Lyrica 150mg and Flexeril 10mg at bedtime, and Tramadol 50mg as needed for pain.

    OTC: 2 Aleve morning and night, Prilosec OTC/Pepcid AC, multivitamin, calcium plus D, Vitamin D, Super B complex (B vitamin cocktail with vitamin C and rose hips).

    I've noticed that the Super B complex helps me a bit with energy. They say you know you are getting enough B vitamins if your urine turns neon yellow or orange. I wasn't on the regular multivitamin, so I added the B complex. You can't overdose on vitamin B, as all excess is simply passed out of the body.