Monday, April 23, 2012

Update (brain will not help with a clever title)

So I sign into my blog and find out there is a new look. I hate change!!! I think it is because I must adjust. Adjusting is difficult for a Fibromite. I hope the adjustment period won't take long.

We have had beautiful weather the last few days. Thunder storms  in the evenings. I enjoy the sound.  :-D

Our Miss Lyla spent a week with us. We sure enjoyed her. She enjoys taking every minute of your day and I enjoyed being with her. I had to give up household duties, including fixing dinner, while she was here. I didn't have extra time. You can imagine how it stacked up around here. She is a delight and worth every minute.

My doctor ordered another round of antibiotics for my bladder infection. My intestinal track is sore,  but the infection may be gone.

I started a weekly Bible Study on David. I think I will enjoy the lessons. I've met many new friends. Heather is also attending. It will be nice to spend an evening with her without husbands and kids.

The Park is coming along. The new owners arrived for a week.We are enjoying getting to know them.

I had a mini breakdown last week. The combination of over working my body and the stress of alot to accomplish in the park and in my home. Dwain didn't help much. He was having a rough couple of days too.

Hugs to everyone!

Yes you can ... learn how to use a new program.

Yes you can ... stand strong to up to the minute challenges


  1. I love your blog, I just have enjoyed reading it so much.

  2. Deb, your blog is such an inspiration for me. I think it is great that you are so positive. I have fibromyalgia and it can often remain positive with all the pain. I have been able to deal with some of my pain by following advice from Please keep up the great posts!

  3. I am glad you got to spend some time with that lovely grandchild, Lyla! She is such a cutie! I do hope you have a better week and won't have a breakdown.

    I, too, hate change. i just really do.


  4. Help, I'm a husband with a wife with fibro, does your husband every post how he copes?
    Looking for anwers?

  5. 'us fibromites'.... there's such a self-pitying group-y tone to all this. Oh, it must be really difficult for you if a page changes shape or colour...

    I can understand why moving house or changing jobs might be difficult for people who are ill, but seriously? You need an adjustment period because a webpage changed? I think thinking of yourself as a 'fibromite' who can't cope with anything can't help you to get on with life.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I have fibromyalgia as well and I agree that although it can be difficult at times, we can deal with new programs and other things that come our way. I wanted to share with you a great website,, that helps manage chronic pain. I hope it is a useful resource for you.

  7. Hi I am new to this. I have had fibromyalgia since 97 and what I have found that relieves my constant pain to a more tolerable level is a machine called Digital Massage Therapy. It is basically a Tens unit but much cheaper. I found and bought my unit from

    D Van Natta

  8. As one who has FMS, I wanted to comment on your UTI. I don't have time to go back through your posts to see if you mention what meds you might be taking. I had an on-going UTI for about 6 months, as I waa resistant to several antibiotics. Through my own sleuthing, I found that Savella can cause this problem--maybe other drugs too? Since weaning myself off of Savella, I have not had another UTI! Hope this helps!

  9. I don't like the new layout either. It's not just "a layout" of "a webpage," it's the dashboard of the Blogger site. It's no different than getting in your car and finding that everything on the dashboard has changed position. Anyone would find that makes driving a bit more difficult! And our brains are already over-taxed, because they have to cope with pain ALL the time.

  10. I hear you. I just got married and we were not living with each other till we got married so it's a HUGE change. We have now been married for four months and it's still extremely difficult. I just get easily depressed with it and frustrated because I just want to live my life, but the body has it's own way of doing things.

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