Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back in Wallowa

Our time in Arizona is over for another year. I sure miss the warm sunshine. Today I got cold to the bone. Getting this cold messes with my Fibro. So, I'm in my recliner with my heating blanket on my back.

Our winter went by fast. We parked in a different area this year . Our neighbors were hard to get to know. If we return to the Yuma area, we will stay near our friends of years past. The desert was cooler this winter. The wind blew almost every day.

My Fibromyalgia has been difficult. I've had increased movement courtesy of my Restless Leg Syndrome. The scary feeling of Anxiety has increased daily. I'm still trying to talk myself down, but it is getting more difficult. I had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) on our way home from Arizona. It's been almost a week since I've taken the last of my medication. I'm not having symptoms, so hope the infection is totally gone. In the beginning, I had the usual UTI symptoms. I also had increased Fibro pain through my hips and upper legs. I had a hard time dealing with the pain but after three days the increased pain was gone.

Dwain and I have taken a summer job. Wish me luck! I'm hoping once we have been here for a couple of weeks, we will be ready for the public. We are managing an RV Park. There are 31 sites, so not too big. We have stayed in the Wallowa River RV Park many a summer. The owners live in Seattle, WA. Care takers are needed for the time they are not in the park. Which will be most of the summer.

Enough babbling.


  1. I am sorry to hear you have been ill. I have not had a UTI in 38 years and this last year I have had 4. The doc said that it could be due to the Fibro. The pain was unbelievable. I know what you mean about the cold. I have the restless legs too. Sometimes I have to take an extra anxiety pill to stop it. I have a new symptom lately I have been getting chills for the last few months Do you ever get chills? Mot in the cold more like through out the day.
    Where in Yuma where you? Our son lives there and they really do not like it at all. He has to stay there for 2 years with his job and then he can transfer. They do not like the schools at all. their children were way ahead when they got there last year.they are having trouble with them being bord. I surly hope you feel better soon. Susan

  2. Hi Susan...thanks for your supportive note. Yes, I get chills. I usually have them when I've over extended myself, which is alot lately. We usually stay at Senators Wash behind the Army Proving Grounds. We enjoy boondocking. However, we stayed at Anzo Burrego State Park in S. Calif for a couple of weeks. I like it much better. Yuma is a dirtier city than I like, but it is easy to get around. I have items I like to pick up in Mexico so we make a couple trips across the border. Sorry to hear about your grandkids. Wonder if there is a Montisory (sp?) or private school that would challenge them. If you check the beginning of my blog, I have a post listing my symptoms. If you didn't see you, you may be interested in reviewing. Thanks again for checking in. Hugs

  3. Oh I do hope you are feeling better. I am planning a trip and hope my Fibro lets me enjoy it. We never know what will set it off do we?
    Good luck with the new job and feel better. B

  4. they say i have uti but no symptoms taking antibiotics makes my fibro worse . stay awy from cipro or levaquin

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