Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Position in Space

I had a few boxes stacked in the kitchen. I thought they were out of my way. I was clearing the dishes from the table, turned left and Crash! Boom! And I tripped over the boxes. Of course they all tumbled with me. I'm ok, but bruised my left leg and strained the muscles on my upper left arm. I have trouble with the position in the space that I occupy. Usually it is because I do not think, I just go. This "little" problem has caused me any falls. My brain forgets to worry about where I'm going. I see this as an aspect of Fibro Fog.

We have had a nice three months in southern Arizona and California. We had more wind in Yuma than usual. A couple we graduated high school with, Tom and Marlys, joined us for a week. The four of us then traveled to Anzo-Borrego State Park in southern California. There is so much to see. I encourage everyone to visit this park. They have campgrounds as well as boondocking areas.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Tom and Marlys. They are "good people." Marlys has a medical issue that requires her to take rests, so that helps me to rest myself. Tomorrow Dwain and Tom will be taking a hike in the park. They are hoping to see Big Horn Sheep. Marlys and I are going to the town of Julian. I understand there are unique shops with an apple theme. I hear their pies are to die for, so we will test that piece of information. :-D

Wednesday we will begin our trek north. We want to be in Wallowa by April 1st. We may take a day or two at Joshua Tree National Park before arriving in Apple Valley to visit friends. A nice amenity of receiving Social Security Disability is that campgrounds on government land are half price via my "Access Pass." We also enter the park for free. What a blessing. Living on a fixed income can be tough at times.

Yes you can ... renew old friendships

Yes you can ... enjoy camping with Fibromyalgia


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  2. I love camping, but I'm afraid fibro has taken that from me. Now I have a 35ft 3 slide beautiful 5th wheel sitting in my back yard unused. I have been refusing to sell it because I'm waitng for a miracle drug or something that will give me back some quality of life. But, I'm done waiting the 5th wheel is up for sale and so are my dreams of RVing for my retirement.

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