Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bursting with Moments

"Get up and out. The day is bursting with moments" Renee Locks

When I read this quote, it tied in with my last writing on "joy." Our days ARE bursting with moments. We don't always recognize "moments" as we don't always recognize the "joy" in our lives.

I had "moments" with my friend Mary today while running errands. When we were ready to leave the department store, it was pouring rain. We decided to get something to drink at Starbucks, have a visit and wait for the rain to let up. Spending time with Mary is terrific fun. Because we decided to wait out the rain, we had "nose to nose" time for a nice visit with no interruption. We ordered our drinks and settled into a nice window seat. Watching the rain is calming for me. The rain did not let up. We finally made a mad dash to the car and returned home.

My Fibromyalgia began to protest because the blowing wind and I had gotten wet. A change of clothes helped, but for about an hour after arriving home, my legs were cramping and feeling cold. Other than that, my Fibro stayed in check today.

My "moments" during this short trip to the store with a friend?

1. Individual time.

2. Personal conversation.

3. Mary's impish personality.
She grabbed two large Target bags to put over our heads. Simple act... fun!

4. Because I am in a new city, I enjoyed the sites.

5. Less Fibromyalgia pain.

I'm sure there were many moments I should have recognized. I know that since the Fibromyalgia Disease came to stay with me, I recognize more than I did prior to its arrival.

Are you recognizing the "moments" in your life?


  1. sounds like fun! (except for the rain causing extra pain) I love stopping at starbucks with a friend and having a tea!

  2. I love the way you think, Deb! I do try to seek out these moments and squeeze some joy out of my fibro-laden life. It's kind of like reading between the lines, when the lines are mostly bad, but sometimes there's a good bit of good stuff hidden in between.

    I am mid-flare, I still found some moments recently:

    1. Yesterday we had a new stove delivered and installed.
    2. I found some time to catch up on some personal tasks and reading yesterday, while waiting for the stove delivery.
    3. I called my parents today just to say "Hi".
    4. I splashed some paint samples onto our dining room wall with my husband yesterday, to try some possible colors for a remodel.
    5. I asked a cancer surviving coworker about how she's feeling today, and she is doing very well. I'm glad for her!
    6. A former coworker stopped by for a visit and spent a few minutes chatting with me today.