Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Month?????

WOW!!!!!! It's been a month. My intent the end of April was to get back to daily posts. Ha Ha!

We commuted 7 hours to LaCenter, Washington. A few days after arriving, I came down with a flu virus that Dwain had prior to leaving Wallowa. It was uncomfortable but I was able to be up. Then I started feeling like I had a bladder infection. Both the bug and the bladder infection had similar symptoms so I waited for a couple of days. Eventually I went to a pharmacist and inquired about OTC medication for the bladder infection in hopes it would take care of the infection. In a couple of days the left side of my abdomen hurt. It then traveled to the left side of my back. I assumed my kidneys were now involved. On Monday I started with a fever. I hurt enough I was going to ask Dwain to take me to an ER, then didn't. I thought if I could wait until we returned to Wallowa and my see my own doctor on Wednesday.

Wednesday we drove to Wallowa and I got an appointment on Thursday. I was diagnosed with a bladder and kidney infection, which was no surprise. What did surprise me was the doctor's comment that I was borderline for being admitted to the hospital. He gave me a prescription and sent me home. The medication and all the water and cranberry juice I had been was drinking (I thought I was going to drown for two weeks) helped. Within a day my fever was gone. I see the doctor again today for a follow-up appointment. I am feeling better. Of course the virus and infections affected my Fibromyalgia. My pain level increased and my energy level decreased. It will take awhile to get back to what "normal" is now.

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  1. glad you are back!!!!!!!! Missed reading your blog! Also glad you are feeling better! Happy May!