Thursday, April 29, 2010

Patrick is 14

Our grandson, Patrick is now 14 years old. His birthday was yesterday, April 28th. It seemed like yesterday that he was born. As it does with his Mother, our daughter, Heather. She will be 35 years old on May 8th.

We had birthday ice cream last night in between birthday telephone calls. Friday there will be a birthday BBQ with friends and family.

I had my follow-up doctor appointment this afternoon and tests show that I've healed from my bladder/kidney infection. I'm pleased as Dwain and I are to take Patrick's younger brother, Joshua to Pendleton, Oregon (two hour drive) for the weekend to play in a baseball tournament. Heather, her husband Matt and Patrick will be helping with the funeral of their Pastor's son this weekend.

Patrick and Joshua's birth Dad and his parents will be at the tournament. I'm not looking forward to seeing their Dad. He makes me tense. My Fibromyalgia symptoms increase with tension. I will work to stay calm ... It's to everyone's advantage.

It is cold today. It has snowed off and on, but does not stick. Typical spring weather. I hope it warms up for the weekend!

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  1. Hope patrick had a great birthday! Have fun this weekend.