Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fibromyalgia is the Pitts!!!

I'm tired of this disease! Can we get back to the original "normal"?

My hands are more stiff than usual and they have been shaking today. Actually, everything has been stiffer. Light head and more mucous. Neck is tight as well as my lower back. Cramping in my back muscles and thighs. Having trouble raising my left arm.

Have I bitched enough?

Today was a beautiful day on the Oregon coast. Can't believe it is December. Rain will be moving back in and I will believe.

Collected a few Christmas decorations for our RV and moved the rest to Grandpa's house. On the 15th we will be moving our RV to Grandpa's. Will use most of my holiday decorations there. The kids will be home for the holiday. Will be wonderful to have them together.

We will join our friends, the Fergusons and Parkes for a seafood dinner at Norma's on Monday. Wednesday we will have a crab lunch with our friends, the Rickerts.

Hoping for a good night sleep!


  1. yes, let's trade in the fibromyalgia and get back to normal. I would like that. I have the little tree decorated and the piano I am not using right now. Julie and Lily did a lovely job.

    I hope you feel better today!

  2. Yes one is done I'll post a picture's tomorrow. Thank You for the compliment. I love having friends to talk with. That get it.
    I like to write things and put a funny twist on them. If we can't laugh what else do we have. Talk with you soon.

    I hope you do get a good night sleep. If you do let me know what it is like. Sussanna

  3. Deb, your symptoms are identical to mine. It's so hard to learn to take care of myself, when I'm so used to being the Mom doing the caring for! My favorite quote....."it is, what it is"! It's nice to know I'm not alone, even though this is a lonely disease, because people don't REALLY understand.

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