Monday, March 28, 2011

It has been so long since I've posted that I'm not sure if I remember how! I've had a rough winter. Park hosting, where I had duties that were a physical challenge. Then Christmas, which ran into tax season. I'm so tired, feeling run down. I have increased physical pain. Chronic Fatigue is rampid throughout my body. I need time not to worry about anything and to rest. I want to give up preparing three meals a day and washing dishes by hand. I want to read the two stacks of books sitting on my floor saying, "Read Me!" Read Me!" Does this sound like I'm lazy? I'm getting small projects done that have waited for five months. I'm not getting enough rest during the day. I hope to rest more this week. My cognative abilities have deminished. With rest, I'm hoping it will improve. I think this negative post must end....Sorry


  1. Its not selfish...with fibro its survival :)Take your time,get your rest and we will be here when your feeling better.
    Its been a rough winter here too,im going to cut off my dr and go on suppliments alone again.At least i feel more in control then,i just have to accept that after 10 years all ive learned is that i have to accept that i have fibro lol.Take care :)

  2. Deb, vent away..sometimes all we have is each other, I know my husband, as good as he is, gets very tired of my fatigue and pain, and oh I wish it would go away, but it's the hand we have been dealt..
    Hope you are feeling better soon, just take time for, sleep, read if you can:)


  3. I do hope you feel better soon. I totally understand, and please, vent away!!!!! Get some rest

  4. I often worry about people thinking I am lazy, but I can only do so much and if I could change it I would. I hope you are able to get some rest and read some of those books that are calling your name:) I love to read, but when I'm tired, I like to read stuff that doesn't take much thought. Take care of yourself:)

  5. hey deb,
    this is my first time here. your words could be my words, you are going through so much of the same as me.
    this is the first blog i have signed up for. i just wrote a long "comment" and lost the whole thing.
    i will come back and post again, i feel like this is such a great blog. i also wanted to talk to you about something, some things that have really improved my condition. before i do that i was wondering if i could talk to you first. in an email. if you want to get back with me you can go to my facebook profile
    or email me at i hope to hear from you! this is NOT a "sales call". i just want to ask your opinion about some things.
    thanks! if i don't hear from you i will just continue to follow here and share.

  6. Deb, I am a first time visitor and you have nothing to apologize for. I'm surprised that with all you have been doing that your body has lasted this long. I hope you get rest soon and tell us about the books you are reading too.

  7. Thanks everyone. I so enjoy reading your comments. It is encouraging.