Saturday, August 13, 2011

A relaxful Saturday

I have enjoyed my Saturday. Dwain and I are staying home this weekend. We are both in need of "down time."

Dwain played his Dulcimer almost all day. I did a couple loads of laundry, gave Lucy a haircut, around her face and washed the dishes. Boy do I miss my dishwasher! :-D

By 11:00 I was ready to lay down. I reclined in my chair and checked email and Facebook. By 1:00 I was in bed. I took an hour nap. Lucy woke me because she heard a dog barking outside. I laid back down and slept for another hour. We had a good fish dinner with a salad of carrots, apples and raisins. Also fresh peaches! I read after dinner. "You're Late Again Lord" by Karon Phillips Goodman is an interesting read about how we ask God for things then become impatient while we wait. We forget that we are on God's journey and how to use the waiting time. God always answers us, but it may not be as we anticipate. We must listen when God speaks to us.

Preseason Football has started. We have enjoyed a couple games today.

I didn't sleep well last night. Other than hard cramping in my legs this morning, my Fibromyalgia has enjoyed the slower pace of my day.

I will wait for a more productive day .... on God's timing.

You can ... use your time wisely while you wait for your prayers to be answered.

You can ... give yourself permission to enjoy a relaxful day.

You can ... be patient.


  1. What a good reminder!!! I am often so impatient that I forgot I am on God's time, He is not on mine. I am glad you are enjoying your down time and so is Lucy!! What a cutie of a puppy!!!! that must be relaxing, hearing the sounds of a dulcimer all day. How beautiful! I could listen all day. I do hope this is the beginning of a good week for you!!!


  2. Years since I heard a dulcimer - how lovely. Hoping you are enjoying a relaxing day today. I am this afternoon after a "Stress echo test" at heart specialist this morning. Yes that is really what they call it!
    Was hoping you could join us at Fibro Blogger Directory to help raise awareness about Fibro. (We even have the same quote!)

  3. Glad you've had some enjoyable down time lately! ... Have to admit I'm a bit jealous Dwain plays the Dulcimer, that's awesome!!!! :) ... I like that about using our time wisely while we wait for an answer to our prayers.


  4. Fibromyalgia is being cured in the USA for a few years already. There was a 3 day program in one of the networks, but, hard to believe, went under the radar screen and into the sunset. Yes, there is already an inexpensive, magic pill. The immense majority of patients manage to carry a symptom free normal life.

  5. My fibromyalgia started many years ago and I didn't know it. I always complained "my skin hurts". The only way I could describe it was it felt like I was sunburned and the slightest touch would hurt. At the same time, I had terrible problems staying asleep. I woke up every hour. I even wrote down the times I woke up one night to give to my doctor. They put me on Trazodone and it works pretty good most nights. Then about 5 years I had an adverse side affect to Simvastatin where it caused severe muscle pain. I truly believe that's what started my fibromyalgia. First it was in my neck, right shoulder and armpit area. I put heat on it until I was burned and ice on it until I was frostbitten but nothing worked. My doctor did about every test imaginable including EMG, and MRI. Finally I was referred to a rheumatologist and was "officially" diagnosed. I took Nurontin (3600mg daily) and Effexor XR for about a year and all that did was make me gain 60lbs. Now I'm on Lyrica, vicodin and still on Effexor. At first the Lyrica seemed like it worked but now it just takes the edge off. I just asked my doctor about Topamax which a relative takes for chronic pain and she's looking into it. In the meantime, I just sit on the porch in the middle of the night when nobody's around and cry because I'm so tired of the pain.

  6. Hello I just wanted to say I know how painful, upsetting and rather irritating it can be to go through symptoms of fibro Myalgia. I have several clients that are now symptom free, and are leading healthy happy lives. Please if you want to be symptom free, I would love to talk to you. I do not use medications, I believe in getting to the root of the issue and helping others also become symptom free. My clients also have gained a ton of weight from the meds and lack of exercise. There is hope and more then hope faith. What else do you have to loose?
    Please contact me if you would like more information on becoming symptom free, and starting a new life healthy and happy.