Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It's hard to believe we are in the month of September. There is approximately 3 months and a couple of weeks until Christmas!!!

Our schedule in the park has changed. We will be cleaning sites, five days a week through September 15. Our next destination is Wallowa for a week before heading to Fort Vancouver National Park.

I've had pain and a throbbing sensation with both of my Achilles Tendons for a couple of months. I spoke to my medical doctor and she arranged for me to receive Physical Therapy. I had my first appointment last week. He worked on relaxing my tendons and muscles. The Physical Therapist thinks my A. Tendons are painful because of a fall when I was 9 years old. A little hard to grasp the possibility. Here's a thought...could that fall from a barn hay loft, triggered my Fibromyalgia? I have another appointment on Tuesday.

I have good news from the medical doctor. My blood pressure was the best it has been in years and I had a clear pap. I need to call and schedule my Mammogram. Also an appointment for a test at OHSU. I have been having trouble with my hearing. This test will let us know if it is hearing or cognitive problem. I will have the test done while we are in Vancouver this fall.

I very much appreciate my readers taking the time to leave a comment about my post. However, if you are unable to empathize or leave a positive comment, please do not leave a post. I recently read a comment that was negative. Negativity is not what this blog is about. This blog is to help me and others converse about living with Fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases.

You can .... be positive when you don't feel positive.

You can .... make time to be with family and good friends.

You can .... share your day, warts and all, with those who have open ears.


  1. I hope that physical therapy works for you!!! I hope also that the hearing test finds out what is wrong. Happy Labor Day to you!!!


  2. Oh Debbie I often wonder what triggers Fibro with me was it when I got rammed against a cement wall by an angry cow suffering pain for a long, long time. I guess we will never know for sure. Take care B

  3. I wish the best for you. A friend of my mine has tried Nrct which is a newer alternative medical treatment for fibromyalgia. It's been working for her but I am always trying to learn more about fibromyalgia because my dad has been diagnosed with similiar symptoms.

  4. Hi .. like your blog ... I also have a blog about fibromyalgia. Maybe not write correctly English because I do it with help of an interpreter, even to read as well.
    But I'm following your blog to track your day-to-day. Cheers to us with our pain.

  5. Love your positive sayings about forgiving and staying positive in the face of pain. i am on tramadol x 3 and it did help initially but I think I got use to it. Sounds like you need a different medicine. Someone at Fibro Bloggers Directory was talking about Nucynta have you heard of that? Please consider joining us at Fibro Bloggers cause we would love to include your voice.

  6. I normally follow decorating blogs because I dream of being able to decorate again. Tonight I'm being realistic and following yours. Blessings for the New Year!! Haven