Friday, December 4, 2009

Stepping Stones

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass--it's about learning to dance in the rain." Pat Stepp

I'm back! It's been since November 10th since my last post, nearly a month. I've missed being here. My computer has been in the shop and I were told it died. So I purchased a new one. Decided to try a Netbook. Interesting...will take awhile to get used to the keyboard. As a friend told me..they are missing keys! Feels like it as the keyboard is small. Because I have typed for 42 years, I know that I will get used to the feel.

During the last month we traveled to Wallowa so Dwain could go on a hunting trip with grandson, Patrick and Patrick's Dad. Patrick got a 5 point buck with a 25" horn spread. As his Dad said, "It was a buck of a lifetime." While they were hunting, I stayed with Heather and grandson, Joshua. We were able to stay through Thanksgiving and enjoy a few of the boys' basketball games. My computer was in the shop while we were gone. I tried to use Dwain's but could not figure out how to get to my Dashboard to post. I said I've been a typist, not a computer engineer.

While packing the truck to return to the coast, I feel backwards, landing soundly on my butt, which propelled my head backwards to the frozen, gravel driveway. It bounced (must be made of rubber) and hit the ground twice. Of course when you fall, your whole body tenses. Because I have FM, the pain of tightening the muscles is more intense and lasts for days. My neck muscles hurt so bad that to turn my head left and right was miserable. My rib cage felt like I had done 100 sit ups. My hips were miserable too. Tensing my arm muscles causes me to loose the strength in my arms. I don't have alot of arm strength to begin with. Had to be careful for fear I would drop things. My head had a hard achy feeling for several days. Not sure I didn't have a concussion. It was definitely bruised to the touch. Noticed that when I lay down or rest my head against my recliner or car seat, it would hurt worse, so often kept my head to the right or left, depending on my need. Trying to go to sleep was ok until I rolled over in my sleep..OUCH! Now been five days since the fall and started noticing feeling better yesterday. So sure it will progressively improve.

So will continue to dance in the rain, while waiting for my storms to pass. Or is that, I will continue to step on stones, one at a time?


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  2. I hope your head feels better soon! I wondered where you were because I didn't see any posts! Glad you had a great thanksgiving.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the holiday and the buck sounds awesome! Hope your pain eases as the days go by. It's a little of both, really, stepping stones and growing stronger. Remember--what doesn't kill us fibromites will come back in a little while to try again! ;) Just gotta keep fighting.

  4. I hope your pain eases somewhat. It's awful when we get into a flare!

    If you are interested in joining up with an online support group, check out It's where I spend most of my time and I have made some wonderful friends there.

  5. Are you sure you didn't give yourself whiplash? Because how you describe your head and neck movements sounds an awful lot like it.

    In January of this year I gave myself whiplash ... guess how? Rolling over in bed. *sigh* I kid you not. I was nagging at the boys for something or other and climbed back into bed. I was really angry and I know my neck muscles were tense. I think that's why it happened. Tense muscles + jerky movement = whiplash.

    Just when that side of my neck and shoulder started to heal I did the same thing on the OTHER side of my neck!

    My chiropractor's adjustments didn't help. It only seemed to inflame it. So the only thing I could do was rest and put ice on it when it felt hot. It takes about a week to get the strength back so you can properly hold your head up. And strong pain meds do make this waiting time bearable. It was the only way I could sleep.

    I still have flare ups from time to time and have to support the back of my head with one hand when tilting my head up to swallow pills sometimes. Driving was an absolute nightmare. I couldn't drive for a solid month because I couldn't turn my head easily enough.

    I wish there was some magic pill for whiplash cause it's a real pain in the arse.