Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Nice Day

We have had two days off. I've accomplished a little. Mostly, I've rested. Dwain was gone Saturday until mid-afternoon. He watched our grandson, Patrick's shooting competition. I wanted to go, but I felt like I needed to stay home. Between working in the park and going to baseball games, I can't keep up my housework, I'm exhausted. This month's park duties are lighter, so I'm hoping each day I will work my way out of this flare.

Saturday afternoon a high school classmate came by for a visit. While he was here, my Aunt stopped by. Both were good visits.

Today, was an easy-going day. Dwain fixed a yummy pot roast in the dutch oven for dinner. As I write, we are sitting next to a nice campfire. Dwain is off to get a hot dog! Myself, I'm waiting for the wood to burn down to fix a smore!!!

You can .... take time to visit with your spouse.

You can .... stretch your muscles multiple times a day.

You can .... smile often, it's better than frowning.


  1. I am so glad you had a nice relaxing day with friends, and family and a smore on top perfect. B

  2. Hi Deb, so glad you were able to relax..and have a great day, and your flare is calming feet have really been hurting again..but hey I love what you say, could be worse, right? Hope you enjoyed your smores!


  3. My family loves camping and sitting by a campfire. Of course, smores make it all the better:) Hope you continue to rest and improve.

  4. I am glad you are having a good couple of resting days! How lovely!!! I love smores too! Yum! Sitting by the campfire must be relaxing! I hope your flare goes away tomorrow!

  5. I want to ask a question. its affecting my whole body it was my hips and legs and I couldn't drive they are a little better my back and shoulders and neck always hurt but most of all my carpal tunnel and hands and fingers hurt terrible so can't drive I can't grip the steering wheel don't know if this will ever get better so depressed. does anyone have this problem????

  6. YES!!!
    Are you on medication for your FM?
    For me, when my pain is worse (called a flare)I need to rest my body. Sometimes just 15 minutes helps alot. You probably have a problem with your arms and hands feel like they have fallen "asleep" and they tingle. Please take time for yourself and rest your body. Hugs

  7. An excellent blog where we report on fibromyalgia and their experiences, all must unite to make this disease is known throughout the world.

  8. Hi Debbie,

    we are interns at the Arthritis Foundation, Northern California Chapter and we are very impressed by honest perspective and positive insights your blog. We were hoping to get feedback on some questions that are going to be a part of a summer project that we are doing in order to increase Arthritis awareness and advocacy. If you are willing to take the time to answer a few of them abour your own story, please email us at Thank you so much for your time. We wish you the best of luck!