Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Healing

My body is healing from exerting it the last few weeks. We have a lighter schedule in the park this month. Our supervisor has been kind to me, even though she doesn't know it. :-D

My combination washer and dryer quit a couple of days ago. Dwain thought it was the heating element and we ordered one. Come to find out, it was a wiring problem. I have been using the machine since it was fixed!

Our Lucy is in training not to bark when someone knocks on our door. She is showing improvement. She has an appointment with the Vet next week to update her shots...rabies, etc

You Can .... allow yourself to rest when your body needs the rest.

You Can .... remember to prepare part of your dinner meal in the morning.

You Can .... help one in need.


  1. Reading your blog is reminding me of our camping plans for the 4th of July! Passing along a good article on fibromyalgia -- and just wanted to say that I am enjoying your thoughts! No clue on the "sleepy seeds", though maybe it is some kind of eye inflammation? I've had that before, too, during the day, but I think it was allergies.

  2. I am so glad this month is lighter for you! I would be lost without the washer and a dryer! How cool that it is a combo unit. Glad Dwain was able to fix it for you!!!!!

    I hope today is a good day for you!!!

  3. I am glad things are easier for you and yes I love your ("You Can's)B

  4. Hi Deb, I'm glad your schedule is a bit lighter..hard to explain to those who don't know what a flare is..once you have one, you KNOW..I can feel them coming on..I think stress has a lot to do with them, also..

    Glad your washer and dryer are working again, did you send back the new ones?? Dwain sounds like my Carl, handy to have around!

    Feel better, thinking of you always..hugs


  5. Gets the day of people with fibromyalgia and we must unite to make them feel popular support. There are millions of people around the world who suffer this disease and they buy vicodin online to control the pain that he suffered on a daily basis, it is necessary that they receive some kind of aid by the high costs that have these prescription drugs.

  6. Jacqueline, I don't understand the sleepy seeds either. It's just something new to experience.

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. Hugs

  7. HAving a bad fibro day myself after foolishly going on waterslides with my 9 year od for her birthday this weekend. My husband let me rest all day in bed and finally the ouchies are subsiding!

  8. Skyemberr...I'm sure you had a wonderful time on the waterslides. We can't sit in a corner and sulk because we are exhausted and hurt all the time. We make choices in life. You pay for them later, but we enjoy our choice. Hugs