Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today is our last day of cleaning campsites. I'm so relieved. Tomorrow being the first of June, our duties change. Yesterday there was only Dwain and I to cleaning 129 campsites. Once we found out that there was only two reservations for that night, we left the rest for today, in addition today's sites. We worked seven hours and my body is screaming at me!

We find things that people leave behind, besides dirty campsites. Today I found a blow gun dart. I found out that there are blow guns that shoot small animals. I can't think of any small animal that should to be shot with a sharp dart. :-(

We were busy over the weekend visiting with friends from out of town. I did not catch up my home chores. Now it is all staring at me. I'm hoping tomorrow I can accomplishing something in my house. :-D

My pain level increased this week. I know I've overworked my body. I regret it because of the increased pain. I've tried so hard to have the park be perfect when campers come in and I have not accomplished my goal. Therefore, I find myself working more than my required four hours a day. In a way, I feel I've failed at this volunteer job and I've also failed keeping my house tidy. I'm afraid my Type A personality is to blame for this failure.

Tomorrow, Dwain will take Josh to his ball game. I'm going with Heather to an academic dinner and program. Patrick will receive an academic award, but we don't know for what class. Their Dad will miss both as his job will take him out of town. I hate missing Josh's game, but sometimes I must chose.


  1. I do hope you will feel better tomorrow! Cleaning is hard work. I can't imagine cleaning campsites. I hope you enjoy the dinner tomorrow. I love camping! Someday I will come camping where you are!

  2. Heather, it would be AWESOME if we could camp together!!!!!