Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Springtime Sunday

It's been two weeks since I've posted. I had a hard time making the time to write, mostly to tired and then our modem died. Just back up and running and my battery cord died. Then....

We got our call to move up to Wallowa Lake State Park to begin our park hosting duties. We enjoy being in this park. It is beautiful. By coming the month of May, the park is coming out from under the snow. We spend our work days raking sites and picking up blown down tree limbs. Combine the physical work and the stress of Dwain and I not communicating well during the week, equals a Fibromyalgia High Alert!!! Oh and grandson Josh's 2 to 3 baseball games a week! Needless to say my favorite part of last week were Josh's ball games.

Gave Lucy a haircut yesterday and a bath this morning. She is a fun little dog and I'm so glad we have her. I found her a sweatshirt and coat last week at a local farm store. They were on sale, which made me happy. Now she doesn't look like she had outgrown her clothes (which she had).

One other thing I enjoy is blogging and keeping up with Fibromyalgia Friends on Facebook. The comments I receive from both are encouraging and helpful. We are a community of friends brought together as a family and we all truly understand what the other is describing.

My newest symptom are my Achilles Tendons on both feet. It has bothered me for about three months. I've tried exercises and that is not relieving the soreness. Although, the more I'm on my feet the less it hurts. However, when I do sit to rest my body then get is much worse. Can't win!!!

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday. Spring is showing up at Wallowa Lake. The fishing boats can now be on the Lake, little flowers are carpeting the landscape. Children are playing in the park, but probably the biggest sign of spring is that we have a bear in camp. He tends to come into camp at night and tries to raid the dumpsters. I hope the sun is shining where you live. Being springtime, it rains one day and sunshines the next in NE Oregon. Today it has been raining. At least it is not snowing like on Mother's Day!


  1. Debbie I am jealous of the camp ground part of your life. I love fishing and boating.
    I am glad that the weather is warmer as you know fibro does not like the cold at least mine does not. I am loving the hot days. It has rained all weekend and will probably rain all week. I look forward to the warm, less pain days. Take care my friend and rest when you can. B

  2. Thanks Button...I actually feel better with cooler weather. The summer heat is more of an issue for me. I'm in the minority

  3. Hi Debbie!!!! I sure hope you are resting when you need to! I, too, am jealous of the campground part of your life as I loooooved camping! Now I can't camp in a tent and I don't have a trailer yet. Someday I will! I hope today is a better day for you. Can't wait to see a picture of little Miss Lucy in her new coat and sweater! What a cute puppy she is! Have fun at the grandson's games! Dress warm!

  4. I wish stress didn't give "us" such bad fibro pain.. what a joke right. :)

    I wish it was sunny here .. i live in pa - its just rainy all week and a majority of the past 2 months. It hasn't been fun.

    I hope you get a chance to relax!!

  5. Hi,
    From a new "follower" its so good to read something and know that there's other people who understand. I'm from the other side of the world, Australia, so we are getting ready to go into our winter and its freezing already and boy am I feeling it.

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