Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Symptom?

I have a new symptom with my body. I'm not sure if it is a Fibromyalgia symptom or just something my body is going to do. You know how you get "sleepy seeds" in the inside corner of your eye while you sleep? Periodically over the last couple of weeks, I've gotten the matter during the day. I don't realize it is there, rub my eye and the matter is spread under my eye. It then becomes brittle and flakes. It doesn't hurt or feel odd, just is different than I've experienced in my nearly 60 years. Maybe it's an "old age" thing?

A second day in a row I have woke to sunshine. I believe it is SPRING! It sure raises my spirit to have the sun shinning on my world. When the summer weather is hot, I feel worse. I move slower and think at a slower pace. Most with Fibromyalgia have less pain and fatigue during the warmer season. I feel best between 65 and 72. Dwain said if he could put me in a weather controlled living space, the temp would be 70. :-D

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. We are off to Josh's double-header baseball games. An fun time. :-D


  1. I know im best in spring and fall.Winter is too cold and summer is too hot :)

  2. I, too, am best in spring and fall between temps 69 and 75. Winter and summer are too hard on me.

    I have the sleep problem a lot. i have always had it so I don't know if it is fibro related. I find using a warm washcloth to wipe the eye works wonders.

  3. Hi Deb, thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi to me..I don't have the problem with sleep in my eye, yet anyway, nothing that seems abnormal..with me who knows anymore what is normal and abnormal..I have had more problems with the pain in my feet, its almost you have this too? I also do better when temps are more moderate, I can't handle the extreme heat here but I don't do real good in the cold cold..if you find that perfect place, let me know!

    thanks for you sweet comment today, I always love it when you visit!


  4. Hi Deb-
    I am new to blogs, but not to fibro-20 years and counting. I always hurt more in the winter. It's unbearable. Spring temps are best!
    Miss Jackie

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