Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Down But Not Out

It has been since mid-June, 2012 that I posted on my blog. It seems like an eternity. I thought about posting often. But my sense of duty to the RV park we were managing, overwhelmed me. My Type A personality kicked into full gear and that is all I did. The little angel on my right shoulder kept saying, "Slow down, you will have a flare from hell." The little devil on my left shoulder said, "You have so many things yet to accomplish. Don't stop to rest or you will never get it all done." So I pushed myself until I had to sit down. I never rested long. When the summer season was over, I felt true relief. There were many things I did not complete, feeling like I wasn't doing a good job. Fibromyalgia is a little like the devil on my left shoulder. He is always pushing, never surrendering. He is a formative foe.

We left Wallowa and the RV park the end of September headed for Vancouver, Washington. Now to have time with Adam, Carrie and Granddaughter, Lyla. During our stay, our truck was stolen from a JC Penney's parking lot. We eventually got the truck back, minus contents. We were pleased the thieves did not hurt the truck except a broken window, the locks and ignition were damaged and needed replaced. Besides the contents, they took our 5th wheel hitch and extra gas tank/tool box. Our insurance company worked to get us back in business. Could not pull the 5th wheel without a truck. :-(

Mid-December, we drove to the coast to prepare for Christmas and family arrivals. After the first of the year we headed south, which brings us to today.

My Fibromyalgia symptoms have increased through the stress of working at the RV park and the loss of our truck. I realized that I put the stress of the park on myself. I had a choice. I felt I needed to complete everything that needed to be done. In actuality, I was only expected to do what I could. I felt a lot of guilt about the loss of the truck because I was the one driving it on the day it was stolen. I had done everything right, but....

We are now in Quartzsite, Arizona, soaking up warm rays of sunshine. It has been cold at night, but blue sky and warm daily. I am also catching up with chores that need to be done. I'm slow, but that's ok. I took two naps today. I think I'm going to be fine.  :-D

I read the comments since my last post and promise to address them asap.

Yes, I Can ... work on not putting stress upon myself.

Yes, I Can ... enjoy this time in Arizona as a vacation and relax


  1. Oh Debbie I understand here on the farm things are not always easy stress and the labour are taking its toll on me as well so I understand that. I am so glad you are in Arizona soaking up the rays I would love to do that. The cold and I mean cold Arctic air here in Canada as of late have done a number on me.
    I am sorry about your truck and the way you are feeling but I do know you can get through this. I know this because you are strong and honestly WE (meaning everyone with Fibro) know we have too and just keep going. There is no other choice and if you are like me ( and I think you are) I am going to fight it every step of the way.
    Take care my friend and Please keep warm and I hope you can get to a place of less pain where you can handle it. HUGS B

    1. Thank you Button. You are always encouraging and positive.

  2. I am so glad that you are enjoying the warmer weather in AZ. It has been super cold here too but that is to be expected. I hope you are relaxing and resting.


  3. Debbie please tell me Arizona might help. My symtoms worsen every day. I am overwhelmed by the fatigue and pain. Will Arizona help? You know I never new how bad someone could feel day after day. My being so cavalier is coming back to haunt me. Not to say I didn't recognize or help others but I just didn't realize how real something like fibro combined with ra/oa, plus the spinal stenosis could be. How naive! In my early 60's am hoping to rejuvenate in Arizona will this be possible. Need to get over myself but the pain and depression are inhibiting my ability to help others is hampered by all of this. Comments on treatment would be appreciated. thanks

  4. Hi Deb-saw your blog and wanted to share my experience with you. I suffered with fibromyalgia for over 30 years. I was referred to a therapeutic healer, and my life has been transformed! Today, I have no pain anywhere in my body. You can read about my journey @ and Viviane Oberhand's 4-Breakhrough to Wellness. It has truly been miraculous.



  5. Hey Deb, Family and Friends,

    I came across your blog. Maybe this will help you get up, if just a little. I just started working for a non-profit (just getting started with the legalities). One of the things the founders want to do is make the treatments available for everyone for free.

    Additionally, we are funding the research to show how this works.

    You can start with something easy like getting to sleep.

    It is called the water cures protocol.

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