Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Off!

Today is my day off from camp duties. Our friend Ray is here until Friday. Dwain and Ray were gone most of the day doing guy stuff. Lucy and I hung out together. We did very little. I needed a day to catch my breath.

The outside of my left thigh has a large area that is numb. When on my feet for a little while, it burns intensely. I've had numb areas on my legs and arms before. Also have had burning sensations, but this is by far the worst combination I've experienced. I get relief by sitting down. I tried a Vicodin, but no success. Also a first time a pain medication did not help. A little scary cause when you need it, you need it, you know ...

My Seth and Steve will be here for a visit in about two weeks. I'm sooo excited. I don't see my kids enough. We will only have four days, but our family will all be together so we will make the most of our time. Then back to Wallowa Lake for the rest of July.

Don't remember if I've mentioned it, but our grandson, Josh was voted on to the Wallowa County All-Star Team. An honor he earned by playing his best.

Way past my bedtime ...


  1. Deb, I've been having those numb spots you mentioned on both my thighs (which gets worse when standing-almost feels like I'm touching someone else's leg!) and then it will burn. Don't know if it's my sciatica (do you have that?) or the fibro. And the Vicodin doesn't help that type of pain or numbness, I've tried that too! Only thing that helps me is to get off my feet. Which doesn't lead for a very productive life.....
    Hope you feel better!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I get a burning sensation in the bottom of my feet sometimes and nothing really helps with that. Glad you and Lucy had a nice day off!

  3. I get that numbness too, but only in my right thigh. I have never heard of anyone else having that. The spot that goes numb is slightly warmer. Mine does not seem to matter if I am standing or not. I also have the burning in my feet any in one spot in my back.