Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today we cleaned camp sites after the campers left. Not a difficult job...pick up liter, clean the fire pit and rake the site. Campers were slow in leaving today so the time drug out. It also caused me to be on my feet longer. Had to take a pain pill, which I haven't done for quite awhile. My left thigh cramps and burns beyond my tolerance lately. When I'm not working in the park, I can sit and rest. I switched doctors a couple years ago. This clinic does not prescribe pain medication. They want to control pain through medication, not narcotics. I told them I would be a happy woman if they could. However, it's not happening. I'm thankful I have a few pain pills left. Not sure what I will do when I run out. My plan is to have a serious conversation with my doctor when I see her next.

A classmate from our school days, Ray, came to Wallowa Lake to spend four days with us. Tonight he took us to dinner. We are having a good visit.

Weather has been nice. Cool in the am, averaging 38. Once the sun comes up it warms up quickly.

Lucy has a Vet appointment tomorrow for her second shots. Then I have an appointment for a haircut. I can't keep my arms over my head to blow dry or use a curling iron. So keeping it short helps keep my arm pain down.

Our Joshua made the Major All-Star team for the second year!!

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  1. Deb, why does the doctor not prescribe pain meds..we need them..I take them every day, a low dosage, to help ward off the pain I have to some extent..some days nothing helps..
    I hope you can get some meds that you need..life is to short for this pain, isnt it..