Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are You Interested?

Are you interested in traveling or living in an RV? How about taking better photos with your camera:

My husband, Dwain and I are full-time RVers. We both contribute to our blog entitled Periodically we post tips we have learned through trial and error. We enjoy sharing our successes and our failures produce interesting conclusions. Having Fibromyalgia has created issues while full-timing. I don't feel as alone on the road when I can blog and check in with my Fibromyalgia friends on Facebook, The Real Fibromyalgia Support Group.

Dwain has a blog entitled Being a photographer, he writes how to use your camera and shares what he has learned. We volunteer in Oregon State Parks. He has lead hiking groups interested in learning more about their cameras and taking photos.

If you have an interest, take a look!


  1. That sound great... I would love to do it, too... however I'm a single woman and with Fibro so bad, I just don't think it's very realistic... I LOVE living vicariously through you, tho!!

  2. Thanks Fizz...glad I can provide some entertainment! :D I think you can full-time. You find an area you would like to visit for a couple of weeks or a month and park. Monthly RV sites are cheaper than by the night. Campground hosting is another beast. I can't keep up but I do the best I can and Dwain picks up the rest. I've met several single ladies campground hosting. They are usually given a task for a single person. They don't have to do work for two. It's nice to be able to be near friends and family too. You don't have to travel. The area to clean in an RV is so much less than a house or apt. Not trying to push you, just yacking. :D Have a good day.

  3. I would soooo love to do that. I am hoping in the future I will be able to travel around and live in a RV. That's one of my goals!!! Love reading where you are heading and where your are!