Monday, September 27, 2010

I Need Help!

My last two posts show no line breaks. This does not happen on every post, just periodically...anyone know how to rectify this problem?

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  1. Sometimes blogger just gets like that. Sometimes it happens if you're copying your text over from Word. The best method I've found is to click the preview button they've added instead of just hitting publish first. You can see if any lines got messed up. When editing, the best thing to do then is to run it all together, and hit shift and enter at the same time. Hit it twice and then you have a new paragraph that you've just forced. I'm not a computer guru so I don't know the technical terms but I think this has something to do with HTML coding. Anyway, hopefully this helps! :) I know it's a pain, meh. Wouldn't it be nice if everything just did what we wanted it to the first time?! Ohhhh I can't wait for heaven! ;)