Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want to share a photo of my little Lucy in her cute sweatshirt. Lucy is 6 months old. She gives us alot of love and entertainment. I'm sure she lowers our blood pressure!

The park hosts and staff fell in love with Lucy too.

I had a long day of cleaning park sites. Only one more day and we will have two days off. We are both ready to leave the park. We call the feeling "hitch itch" which is a reference to hitching up our fifth wheel and movin' on. Today we had a potluck with the other hosts and staff. It was staff's way of thanking us for our volunteerism. We will have another pot luck in a few days with just the park hosts. Our final goodbye to each other. Dwain plans to cook a pot roast in the dutch oven. I'm making a lemon pie.

Once we leave the park we will go to Heather's in Wallowa. Dwain will go hunting with Matt and our grandsons for several days. I will be spending time with Heather. I'm hoping for a few relaxful days.


  1. Lucy looks just adorable in her sweatshirt! I hope everything goes smoothly for you for the next few days before you leave the park. Spending time with your daughter will be a blast I bet! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Thanks Heather...I will tell Lucy you thought she was "adorable." :D

    All should go well. We are off this wknd then work thru Wednesday. I am looking forward to time with Heather. We are going shopping on Friday. :D

    I am feeling better. As long as I police myself on the amount of time I'm on my feet, I do OK.