Sunday, October 24, 2010

Change in the Weather

It's fall, soon to be winter. The weather cycle continues as we spring into spring, and run to summer. I enjoy all the seasons with fall as my favorite. Each season has its own purpose and beauty....

Winter can be cold and rainy, with freezing temperatures and a chance of snow and ice.

Spring brings beautiful flowers and color is everywhere.

Summer's warm sun shines a bright light on all the earth.

Fall brings color to the leaves and a warm east wind.

Those with Fibromyalgia can have additional pain during different seasons. For me, it is summer. My body protests the heat and I have increased pain. For others it is winter with the chilling cold.

I have increased symptoms with a cold wind which is an issue during three of the seasons. A cold wind makes my arms, back and thighs cold to the bone. This type of cold does not go away until I'm under a warm blanket. A friend gave me a heated lap blanket. I hope it never wears out! ;D


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Fall is my favorite season, but also the most difficult for me. I do great in the warmth of the summer weather, but as soon as fall hits, so does the fibro flare up! I don't know if it's the colder weather, less sunlight or a combo of the two.

    I just started my own blog, called Confessions from the Fibro Fog, hoping my experiences could help others as well. Your blog is an inspiration!

  2. Dear Debbie,

    I know we almost survive the winter chill season. Its freezing feeling which feels like it has gone through the bones.

    Nonetheless, this blog have someway help me release the ill feelings since I know many of us share same thoughts of comforting each other.

    God Bless!

  3. Hello again Debbie,

    They say tears fall down during Christmas winter time but not only for people away but also those with the illness of fibromyalgia.

    Its a painstaking time right through our bones.Where we can't even move our back to stand up.

    With this blog, we can help one another with advises each one have. Share your success stories!

    God Speed!