Friday, January 28, 2011

Grab Happiness

"Grab Happiness In The Passing Moments of Life"

Having a chronic illness or two, it is easy for depression to creep into our lives. We will have days that our self esteem is low. This is because we hurt, our balance is off, our eyes won't focus, etc. When you live with these symptoms, of which I only mentioned a few, you can become depressed. My suggestion is to "grab happiness in the passing moments" of your life. They may be short moments or something you can enjoy for longer periods of time. Here are some ideas:
Watch the sun rise or set

Listen to music you enjoy

Look at a flower. Have you ever looked closely at a Dandelion? It's a weed, but it's beautiful!

Take a walk

Look at a smile

Be aware of birds singing

Watch a small child learning to walk

Ice Cream?
Enjoy pet therapy
A good meal
Read a good book
Be aware and grab happiness where ever you can. You won't regret becoming aware of happy moments!


  1. Debbie This is a good list. Your post is so true. B

  2. Good post! It is what I try to do! I hope you're having a good day!

  3. Hurting really "bad" today... so glad I saw your list.

  4. True to indicate on the blog. Chronic diseases should be treated properly because it mentions Findrxonline many people use drugs prescribed in excess and these pain medications like vicodin, percocet, lortab, used to control chronic pain have dangerous side effects.

  5. Jym...I may be misinterpreting your post.
    I did not mention Findrxonline as your post says. Did I misunderstand you?

    The meds you mentioned can be addictive. I feel you must work with your physician as to the dosage you are prescribed. I have been fortunate that my physicians believe in starting with a low dosage and increasing as needed. At that point the one taking the drug has an obligation NOT to abuse the prescription.