Monday, January 31, 2011

I need Help

I have a problem with what my post looks like after I click on "Publish Post." The published post looks different visually than what I write. My last post is a good example...

I am a stickler for what I write to "look good." When I look at my published post, the spacing is irregular. Sometimes there is a space between what I wrote and sometimes there is not a space.

I need I need to leave Blogspot or is there a magic button I haven't clicked?



  1. Hey Debbie I have been having the same problem I hope you can get someone smarter then I to figure it out. B

  2. Do you type your posts into the post field or do you type them elsewhere, like MS Word, and then paste them in? I usually write in Word and paste to my blog. Then I preview to see where I need to ad spaces, etc. I go back to the text, make corrections, and then preview again to make sure I got them all. Then publish post.

  3. Deb, have you tried Live Writer? I use that, it is free and so easy to post pictures, etc..
    its a free download at

    try it, you will love it..


  4. Sometimes what you see in your composition block can look different than your blog because of the layout that you have chosen, i.e. single, double or triple column.
    When I have a problem I just look at my preview and then go back to my composition box to correct it until it looks the way I want it to on the preview. However, it will look completely messed up in the composition box. I've also noticed that sometimes when I am writing in Blogger and I hit "enter" the cursor doesn't go down. If you continue to "enter" until you see it go down then you might be putting extra lines in there. I avoid that by hitting the "arrow down" button after "enter" when my cursor doesn't obey me :)