Monday, July 13, 2009

Arriving on the Oregon Coast

We've been on the road for almost a week. It has been a good time. One night beside the Columbia River in the Gorge, Two nights in Ridgefield, WA and two nights at Cape Disappointment on the SW Washington coast. The Gorge stop was peaceful and relaxing. At Ridgefield, we spent time with Adam and family. Lots of quality time with granddaughter Lyla, who is 9 months old. Our park hosting friends from California, Sonny and Mary, were a delight to spend time with at Cape Disappointment.

My Fibro flare is getting better. Not sure if it is because of the program Dr. John has me on, it has run its course or the fact that we are on the NW Oregon coast. I always feel better here. Time will tell as we travel back to the east side of the state. Between the heat and elevation, I have more health issues there. When I return, if my body hurts more, then I know it is the weather here.

We are preparing for a family reunion this weekend. Dwain's Aunt and cousin arrived today to help. We had a great visit tonight.

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