Friday, July 3, 2009

This Sucks!

Staying off sugar, milk, wheat, oats and eggs sucks! If it wasn't for the potential of feeling better in the long run, I would be soooo off this journey!

I'm having trouble thinking of things to eat. Everything has these products in them except nuts...

Dr. Mark Pellegrino says it is common for FM suffers to have food allergies. The most common are sugar, wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, eggs and chocolate. Because these are the ones Dr. Suto found in me...what do you think? The only item I ingest that I've noticed my body reacts to is white wine. I can have one glass. But if I indulge in a second glass, I have increased pain the next day. But I feel GREAT while drinking it. :>) I know a gal who has a reaction to seafood. She has increased pain the next day.

Haven't noticed a difference in how I feel. I didn't expect to this soon. My daughter Heather, has noticed several differences in the first two weeks. So, will persevere. The sugar part includes natural sugar. This is summer and all the fresh fruits are available.

We are leaving for the Oregon coast on Tuesday, July 7 for 3 weeks. Today we will be running errands to prepare for the trip. Dwain's Dad and Lenora will be here today for the long holiday weekend and to help celebrate Dwain's 58th birthday.

Going to be another hot day today. Dwain wants to spend his birthday at Wallowa Lake. We will need to get their early in the morning to have a place to picnic all day. I am worried about the heat. I don't want to experience my body crashing as it did this last weekend.

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  1. It is so hard at first. Last summer I cut out dairy, gluten, and some veggies. I am back to eating dairy, but I will never eat anything with gluten again, it made a huge difference in every part of my body.
    I stopped eating a lot of refined sugar in high school and recently I've been more diligent about that as well. It seems to be making a difference.
    Traveling is hard, so I hope that you do not get discouraged while you are on the coast.