Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Exhausted!

What a week. Our family reunion is over. We had a great time. Connected with new and old family members. That being Fibromyalgia pain is on over drive, my right ear aches and I was ready for a power nap, two hours after waking this morning. I do have laundry to do and that involves going up and down stairs. I can't use the washer/dryer in our RV as we are parked in a back field. The uneven ground has been a problem too. Makes my legs and hips work harder. Some would say it is good exercise, but for me it is the wrong kind of exercise. So will only do a couple loads today, otherwise will be in my chair!

As I write, there is a pack of coyotes on the edge of the tree line. They are howling and running back and forth and are loud. Not here long, but they stirred up the neighborhood dogs.

I will write more about the nutritional program I previously mentioned later today or tomorrow.

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