Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nutritional Response Testing

As promised, the program my Chiropractor has me on is Nutritional Response Testing (NRT). I hope I can explain my experience adequately. You know we have trouble using the correct words.

The price of the testing was $30, which I thought was reasonable. He put the back of my hand in the palm of his hand and asked me to match his resistance. When I could not, it showed I was weak in the area being tested. He tested me for metals, chemicals and bacteria. I tested positive for metals and bacteria. He said the metals could be from my teeth fillings.

He also checked my organs. Just about every organ was sluggish. I would describe it like a filter that was plugged. He said once the metals and bacteria were removed, the organs will work at a higher level.

He also checked for food allergies. I show signs of allergies to wheat, oats, eggs and milk. I was to stay off of these foods plus sugar. The sugar feeds the bacteria and keeps it in my system. I had to stay off natural sugar as well as refined. That's hard with all the yummy fruits in season.

I went back to Dr. John in a week. I had lost 10 lbs. The bacteria and metals had cleared from my system and my organs showed improvement on their working abilities. However, I did not feel better. He allowed me to start eating natural sugar...yah...fruit! When I return to Wallowa he may start reintegrating the foods I tested positive for allergies, one at a time.

I did well for the second week. But the week of the family reunion (week 3) I could not keep up the multi-tasking of getting ready for the reunion and eating correctly. I was aware when I was eating something I should not, so ate smaller portions. I maintained my 10 lbs of weight until the 2 days after the reunion. I gained 3 lbs. So tomorrow (Wednesday), I will go back to resisting what is supposedly bad for me.

Dr. John did put me on supplements. 3x a day I take an enzyme for food digestion, 1/2 tablet of Iodine for my Thyroid, 1 Calcium, and Tuna Omega 3, 3x a day. He asked me to stop taking my Multivitamin and Calcium. He wants to test them for lead before I continue with the over the counter supplements. I will do that when I return to Wallowa County. Apparently OTC vitamins can be laden with filler, which can include lead.

Another question he asked was if I had scars, ones I would have needed stitches. I have one on my thumb and my episiotomy scar. He tests the scars to see if they are "active." This means if they had healed. My thumb was healed, but not the episiotomy. I have Wheat Germ Oil to apply to the scar each night. I have trouble remembering to apply the oil. I probably miss 2-3 nights a week. Interesting to me that my thumb scar was a surgery done about four years ago. The episiotomy is 35 years old!

Will keep you updated on this journey. If I ONLY loose weight, I'm still ahead. But wouldn't it be great if it helped my Fibro and Chronic Fatigue?

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  1. I just found your blog. I have had Fibro for over 12 years along with a host of other things mostly related to the Fibro. I just discovered NRT testing and I am in my 5th week. I was very skeptical at first,since it seems too easy, but I am gradually becoming optimistic that this will provide some relief from many of my symptoms. I also have scars being treated,and am taking many supplements that they have given me. I am finally sleeping more than 3 hours a night! I am mostly sleeping at least 8 hours consistently and feel much better when I wake up. If that's all that happens, it's worth it. Please keep posting your nutrition adventure. I will be watching to see how you're doing!