Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day 2009

July 4 was a day of family and friends, music, good food including birthday cake AND pie, and fireworks. We planned to spend the day at Wallowa Lake but it was so hot we stayed home. We did go to the lake for the fireworks display in the evening. It was a long day.
Today was a hard day. Several days without enough rest has got me down again...when am I going to learn? I couldn't be up long before I'd get the shakes.
Also this food allergy program is not getting easier. I have an appointment with Dr. John on Tuesday. I'm hoping to integrate some foods back into my diet. Breakfast is my hardest meal to figure out what to eat. The last two mornings I've had a small steak (very small and thin) and a handful of shrimp. Figured protein would be my best bet. I do fill full after eating. I'd sure like to have a piece of toast with avacado or peanut butter and to have a better idea for small snacks.
I probably shouldn't have started the program with Dr. John until I got myself back on my feet.
The good news is that I've lost 8 pounds!

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