Saturday, October 17, 2009

Best of Friends

Had a good day. Didn't do much this morning. Did the dishes, couple loads of laundry, straightened a little, fixed lunch. THEN off to visit my good friend Carol. Carol, Dwain and I went to high school together. We have kept in touch for 40 years. Since we all retired, we have spent more time together. Carol and her husband Bill and Dwain and I have taken "adventure" trips. We went to the Port Townsend area with them and they came to Wallowa County with us. We have also spent time together in the LaPine area.

Carol and I have GREAT visits. We understand each other. We can talk for hours about our kids and grandkids. Because we went through high school together, we have mutual friends, know each others family and the area where we grew up, we can talk about anything and everything. We confide to each other and know the other will keep the confidence.

I am blessed to have her in my life and I often thank the Good Lord for seeing to it that we are connected. It's a double blessing that Dwain and Bill enjoy each others company too.

I worried about visiting Carol this afternoon only because the afternoons are harder fibro-wise for me. I almost changed the day to visit during a morning. I'm glad I didn't. We sat on Carol's comfortable couch with a hot cup of tea and visited. No up and down, nothing to figure out, just a laid-back visit.

Tonight I used the massager on my neck. Didn't seem to help. Shouldn't be surprised. It's human nature to try to fix it. Also an A personality trait..fix it.

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