Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love My Son!

OK day..a few chores, lots of football, ending it with a wonderful phone visit with my oldest son who lives in Chicago.

It's hard having Seth live so far from us. I know he has a good life and is happy. But I miss seeing his smile, hugging him and him hugging me. You know, when God gives us our children, they are in our home for much to short of a time. I know they are ready to leave us after 18 years, but are we ready for them to live a long distance from us? Seth has been on his own for over 16 years. He has gone through his education, jobs and relationships. He has touched many, many lives positively and excelled in his efforts. What more could a Mother want? be nearer to this amazing man. If I had more $$, I would fly back to see him several times a year. I wish he could be more involved in the lives of his nephews and niece. I'm thankful they have phone and email contact and they know one another. They also have time during the Christmas holiday to spend together. Very fun to watch their interaction together. They so love each other.

Must move off this emotional writing. When I get emotional, my body rebells. My muscles tighten, my headache increases and my throat restricts, just to mention a few pain in the ass issues. The bottoms of my feet have been extra sore today. Wasn't on them alot yesterday. Just must be their day. :>)

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