Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy Week

It's been four days since my last post. Let's see if I can remember what has transpired during that time.

Wednesday was another difficult sciatica day. Rested most of the morning then headed to Tillamook for lunch with Jacquie at the Blue Heron. We had a wonderful visit and lunch was good too. Jacquie then dropped me at Fred Meyers for grocery shopping. Getting through my list took longer than it should due to my back and my increased Fibromyalgia pain...I was shot. Dwain picked me up and we took the loop home. It was nice to see different scenery. Watched baseball in the evening.

Thursday we headed for Astoria to have lunch with a few other retirees from Oregon Department of Forestry. We were there for lunch but stayed until 4 pm. Great visit! We
stopped by Costco and Fred's before visiting with friends in Seaside. Another late night and to top it off the Angels beat the Yankees. :-(

Friday was a productive day. Wasn't expecting it to be productive after the busy, long days. I was able to take a nap in the late afternoon. We went to my Aunt and Uncles for an evening with family. Had great visits and another late night.

We stayed home today. I accomplished laundry, dishes, made banana bread, vacuumed and cleaned bathroom. Watched the U of O and OSU games. Disappointed the baseball game was rain delayed. I feel like my body is getting ready for a period. My hips and legs are aching hard along with other tender areas. The increased pain in my hips and legs are symptoms since my Fibro has been active. It's been two months since my last period.

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