Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dwain and spent a good part of the day helping my Aunt Donna and Uncle David empty a U-Haul truck. They have moved from the Oregon coast to the town of Enterprise in eastern Oregon. We will see them often as we spend the summer 30 minutes from Enterprise. I was starting to have break through pain, cramping and weakness in my legs and arms by the time we finished. We had a nice lunch from Heavenly's and a good visit before heading home.

David is a retired RN and volunteers his time with AARP. Donna is an RN and works at our local hospital. Donna is my Mom's youngest sister. There is about three years difference between Donna and I. We feel more like sisters than Aunt and Niece.

My body is feeling better tonight. I have a headache, but I think that is because I did not have a nap. I'm hope I don't pay for the lifting and up and down stairs tomorrow.

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